File:10-Spongebob Squarepants Universe.pngFile:100-A Phintastic Investigation Universe.pngFile:101-Alternate Danville.png
File:102-Terran Empire Universe.pngFile:103-Desolated Danville.pngFile:104-2nd Ponyville.png
File:105-Cupcakes Universe.pngFile:106-Sweet Apple Massacre Universe.pngFile:107-The Spiderses Universe.png
File:108-Rainbow Factory Universe.pngFile:109-Alternate Ni Hao,Kai-Lan Universe.pngFile:10 - TUFF Dimension.png
File:11-Adventure Time Universe.pngFile:110-Darkness Dimension.pngFile:111-Music Realm.png
File:112-Happiness Dimension.pngFile:113-Rainbow Realm.pngFile:114-Melody World.png
File:115-Party World.pngFile:116-Gaia Memory Source World.pngFile:117-Fashion World.png
File:118-Paradise Island.pngFile:119-IQ Island.pngFile:11 - Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Invader from Irken.png
File:120-Cute Island.pngFile:121-Wind Island.pngFile:122-Flower Island.png
File:123-Happy Island.pngFile:12 - Digi Trouble.pngFile:13-Kamen Rider Universe.png
File:13 - Emily in Waverly Place.pngFile:14-Naruto Universe.pngFile:14 - Ghostly Wellows.png
File:15-Pokemon Universe.pngFile:15 - Cutie Mark Crusaders and 2 ninjas from the 2nd Dimension.pngFile:16-Sandra,The Fairlytale Detective Universe.png
File:16 - Apple Bloom - O.W.C.A.'s Agent A.pngFile:17-ChalkZone Universe.pngFile:17 - Good Luck Apple Bloom.png
File:18-Power Rangers Universe.pngFile:18 - Pair of Scootaloos.pngFile:19-Kid vs. Kat Universe.png
File:19 - Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Webshow Wackos.pngFile:1 - To Be British or not to Be British.pngFile:20-My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.png
File:20 -Switched Brains.pngFile:21-Transformers Animated Universe.pngFile:21 - Big Time Emily.png
File:22-The Pink Panther (1993 series) Universe.pngFile:22 - It's a MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD World.pngFile:23-TUFF Puppy Universe.png
File:23 - Juliette's Agenda.pngFile:24-Invader Zim Universe.pngFile:24 - Oh, There You Are Sweetie Belle.png
File:25-Digimon Universe.pngFile:25 - Katie the Magnificent.pngFile:26-Wizards of Waverly Place Universe.png
File:26 - Scootaloo - Skate or Never.pngFile:27-Danny Phantom Universe.pngFile:27 - The Buzz on Katie.png
File:28-Robotboy Universe.pngFile:28 - Trouble with Clones.pngFile:29-Good Luck Charlie Universe.png
File:29 - The Creepie-est Dimension.pngFile:2 - Haunted Robot.pngFile:3-Codename Kid's Next Door Universe.png
File:30-Pair of Kings Universe.pngFile:30 - The Emperor's Groovy Dimension.pngFile:31-iCarly Universe.png
File:31 - Out of Place.pngFile:32-My Life As a Teenage Robot Universe.pngFile:32 - Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Jungle with a Doopy Rabbit.png
File:33 - Fireside Crusaders.pngFile:34 - Back to the Past Part 1.pngFile:35-Big Time Rush Universe.png
File:35 - Back to the Past Part 2.pngFile:36-MAD Universe.pngFile:36 - Robot Haunts Again.png
File:37-Kick Buttowski Universe.pngFile:37 - Dial FG for Fireside Girls.pngFile:38-The Buzz on Maggie Universe.png
File:38 - The Trouble with Geniuses.pngFile:39-Growing Up Creepie Universe.pngFile:39 - A Pirate and an Adventurer (in Training).png
File:3 - The Problem with Emily-2.pngFile:4-Super Sentai Universe.pngFile:40-The Looney Tunes Show Universe.png
File:40 - Night of the Zombie Ponies.pngFile:41-Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Universe.pngFile:41 - Franken-Katie's Bride.png
File:42-Back to the Future The Animated Series Universe.pngFile:42 - The Horror in the Dimension.pngFile:43-Dexter's Laboratory Universe.png
File:43 - ToleeBloom.pngFile:44 - Funny Love (or not).pngFile:45 - Apple Bloom's Agenda.png
File:46 - Medieval Dreams.pngFile:47-The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.pngFile:47 - Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Danville Singing Competition.png
File:48-The Amazing World of Gumball Universe.pngFile:48 - Yin Yang Sweetie Belle!.pngFile:49-Pucca Universe.png
File:49 - Cutie Mark Crusaders and their Counterparts.pngFile:4 - Kai-Lan's Vampire Crisis.pngFile:5-Ni Hao,Kai-Lan Universe.png
File:50-Yin Yang Yo! Universe.pngFile:50 - I, Melissa.pngFile:51 - Replacing the View.png
File:52-Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Universe.pngFile:52 - Clone Scootaloo Returns.pngFile:53-The Replacements Universe.png
File:53 - Apple Bloom's Day Out.pngFile:54-True Jackson,VP Universe.pngFile:54 - Cutie Mark Crusaders and the President of Mad Style.png
File:55-Animaniacs Universe.pngFile:55 - Trouble with Animaniacs.pngFile:56-Skunk Fu! Universe.png
File:56 - The Art of Dimensions.pngFile:57-Jimmy Two-Shoes Universe.pngFile:57 - In The Desert.png
File:58-Johnny Test Universe.pngFile:58 - Christmas (Where Do We Begin) Part 1.pngFile:59-Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorperated Universe.png
File:59 - Christmas (Where Do We Begin) Part 2.pngFile:5 - Katie becomes an Apprentice .pngFile:6-Ben 10 Universe.png
File:60-Tom and Jerry Tales Universe.pngFile:60 -The Resistance's Great Agenda.pngFile:61-Xiaolin Showdown Universe.png
File:61 - CMI Cutie Mark Investigators.pngFile:62-The Mask The Animated Series Universe.pngFile:62 - Meapless Wonders.png
File:63-Catscratch Universe.pngFile:63 - Run Sweetie Belle Run.pngFile:64-Avatar The Last Airbender Universe.png
File:64 - Cutie Mark Crusaders Interrupted.pngFile:65 - Enter Miseryville.pngFile:66-The Mighty B! Universe.png
File:66-The X's Universe.pngFile:66 - Scootaloo Test.pngFile:67-El Tigre The Adventures of Manny Rivera.png
File:67 - Without a Scooby Snack.pngFile:68-The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa.pngFile:68 - Cat and Mouse.png
File:69-Aladdin (TV Series) Universe.pngFile:69 - Xiaolin Scoot-down.pngFile:6 - Kat-astrophe.png
File:7-The Fairly Oddparents Universe.pngFile:7-The Penguins of Madagascar Universe.pngFile:70-Speed Racer The Next Generation Universe.png
File:70 - That's So Emily.pngFile:71-Sushi Pack Universe.pngFile:71 - Katie in the House.png
File:72-Generator Rex Universe.pngFile:72 - The Unexpected.pngFile:73-Doraemon Universe.png
File:73 - Melissa's Agenda.pngFile:74 - Scary Night.pngFile:75-Regular Show Universe.png
File:75 - My Fair Scootaloo.pngFile:76-Kappa Mikey Universe.pngFile:77-Blue's Clues Universe.png
File:78-Scaredy Squirrel Universe.pngFile:79-Batman The Brave and the Bold Universe.pngFile:7 - A Pony's Magic.png
File:8-Dora the Explorer Universe.pngFile:80-Camp Lazlo Universe.pngFile:81-Courage the Cowardly Dog Universe.png
File:82-The Troop Universe.pngFile:83-Supah Ninjas Universe.pngFile:84-The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Universe.png
File:85-Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Universe.pngFile:86-Team Umizoomi Universe.pngFile:87-My Gym Partner's A Monkey Universe.png
File:88-Krypto the Superdog Universe.pngFile:89-Samurai Jack Universe.pngFile:8 - Robots in Disguise.png
File:9-Chowder Universe.pngFile:9-Fish Hooks Universe.pngFile:90-Finding Nemo Universe.png
File:91-Tamagotchi! Universe.pngFile:92-Cars Universe.pngFile:93-Planet Sheen Universe.png
File:94-Bolt Universe.pngFile:95-Chicken Little Universe.pngFile:96-Hamtaro Universe.png
File:97-Gawayn Universe.pngFile:98-Terminator Universe.pngFile:99-The 2nd Dimension.png
File:9 - Panther in Pink.pngFile:Badge-edit-0.pngFile:Badge-edit-1.png
File:Dimensional Remote.pngFile:Dimensional Remote (Recallibrated).pngFile:Dimensional Remote 2.0 (Blue) Transparent.png
File:Dimensional Remote 2.0 (Green) Transparent.pngFile:Dimensional Remote 2.0 (Red) Transparent.pngFile:Dimensional Remote 2.png
File:Dimensions 1.pngFile:Dimensions 2.pngFile:Dimensions 3.png
File:EKDC Special 3 Poster 1.pngFile:Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis.pngFile:Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis (TV Series).png
File:Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis (TV Series) Japanese.pngFile:Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis 2 Fatewhile's Return.pngFile:Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Epilogue Edge of Time.png
File:Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Special 2 In The Darkness.pngFile:Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Special 3 The Darkness Reigns.pngFile:Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Special Return of Nightmare.png
File:Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis The Final Chapter The Christmas Miracle.pngFile:Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Webisode The Darkness Comedies.pngFile:Episode Brown Emily and Kiki.png
File:Episode Green Treasures,Spiderses and Factories.pngFile:Episode Orange Brother's Day Out.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Extended Phineas and Ferb Universe Series.pngFile:Extended Phineas and Ferb Universe Series 10th Anniversary.pngFile:Extended Phineas and Ferb Universe Series 15th Anniversary.png
File:Extended Phineas and Ferb Universe Series 20th Anniversary.pngFile:Extended Phineas and Ferb Universe Series 25th Anniversary.pngFile:Extended Phineas and Ferb Universe Series 5h Anniversary.png
File:Favicon.icoFile:Fireside Crusaders.pngFile:Fireside Crusaders A New Adventure! Dimension Mountain and the Darkness Army!.png
File:Fireside Crusaders Chronicles.pngFile:Fireside Crusaders Chronicles Japanese.pngFile:Fireside Crusaders Forever.png
File:Fireside Crusaders Japanese.pngFile:Fireside Crusaders Team.pngFile:Fireside Crusaders The 7th Movie Broken Bonds.png
File:Fireside Crusaders The Final Movie The Last Chapter.pngFile:Fireside Crusaders The Movie 2 Reign of the T4s.pngFile:Fireside Crusaders The Movie A Strong Bond.png
File:Fireside Crusaders The Musical Movie.pngFile:Fireside Crusaders The Spirals of the Mountains.pngFile:Fireside Crusaders Webisodes A Comedic Misadventures.png
File:Fireside Crusaders x M-Series Heroes Generation.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:Future Heroes Series.png
File:Future Heroes Series 10th Anniversary.pngFile:Future Heroes Series 5th Anniversary.pngFile:Gadget Agents.png
File:Lilo and Stitch Universe.pngFile:Main Dimension (Phineas and Ferb Universe).pngFile:New Fireside Crusaders.png
File:New Fireside Crusaders - A New Beginning.pngFile:New Fireside Crusaders - Across the Summer.pngFile:New Fireside Crusaders - The Adventure Continues.png
File:New Fireside Crusaders - The Summer Escapades.pngFile:New Fireside Crusaders - Treasure Hunt.pngFile:New Fireside Crusaders 2.png
File:New Fireside Crusaders 2 Missing in Action.pngFile:New Fireside Crusaders 2 Return of an Old Foe.pngFile:New Fireside Crusaders 2 Sisters Reunion.png
File:New Fireside Crusaders 2 The End of Time.pngFile:New Fireside Crusaders 2 The Moonlight Curse.pngFile:New Fireside Crusaders Team.png
File:No Screenshot.pngFile:Phineas and Ferb,EKDC and Fireside Crusaders The Best Day Ever Trilogy.pngFile:Phineas and Ferb Multiverse Storyline1.png
File:Portal Coordinate.pngFile:Sunny's Heroic Misadventures.pngFile:T3 Gaia Memory.png
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