Season 1 (Team Formation Arc)Edit

The very first season of the series.In the opening, the Fireside Girls and the CMCs are building the logo of the series. After finishing it,they send it flying to the top. Starting with episode 5, the series uses tones from tokusatsu series.Season 1 aired for 16 episodes. This season is the first to be part of the series' first half.

Season Episode # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1

10 half-hours(17 seperated)+Movie

Episodes Japanese Title Production Code Broadcast Number Episode Summaries
Dimension Visiting or Bust? My Gift? Your Gift? My New Adventures Starts Here! 101a 1 After running into the CMCs, Milly and Katie visits the Generator Rex Universe and met Rex himself. The CMCs follow them. Meanwhile, Nyx is having trouble keeping her Memory Gadgets in line and ask help from the other cast.
Dora-Trouble Doraemons! Lost Child 101b 2 The CMCs opened a portal to the Doraemon Universe and met the Doraemons.Elsewhere,the other Fireside Girls help a little kid who apparently got lost.Meanwhile,Phineas and Ferb are building an interdimensional travel bag.
Trouble with Friendship Eleven Names 102a 3 After arguing over what shop title is gonna be called,Adyson and Holly ends their friendship,worrying the other Fireside Girls.Meanwhile,Emily-2 is having trouble fighting an evil monster.
Last Train to Crusaderville Giving Up?!?! Apple Bloom Relaxes! 102b 4 After several tries to get her Cutie Mark failed,Apple Bloom simply give up on trying to get her Cutie Mark.Meanwhile,during the visit to Granpa Clyde and Granny Jo,Phineas and Ferb built several baloons and hosts a baloon race.
The Engine Trio Engine Trio! Enter NEW Horoscopes!! 103a and b 5 Time-mon is tutoring the 3 new Engines from the Super Sentai Universe but unfortunately the 3 Engines are very rebellious to her.As this happen,a brand new enemy has surfaced Danville.Elsewhere,Katie and Milly encounter a stray young pony.Meanwhile,Nyx is creating a new gadget.
Regulary Dimension Regular Jobs 104a 6 Katie opened a portal to the Regular Show Universe as she,Milly and the CMCs met the duo,Morcedai and Rigby.Meanwhile,Emily participate in a talent competition.
Japanese Celebrities Action! Cut! Visiting Tokyo! 104b 7 When the cast visit Japan,Katie and Milly visit the Kappa Mikey Universe and met the stars of LiLiMu.Meanhile,the CMCs (and apparently Nyx) are strolling around Tokyo,trying to learn more about it.
Clues and Pawprints Finding Clues? Follow the Trail! 105a 8 Katie and Milly visit the Blues Clues Universe but the Ni Hao Kai-Lan Dimension Characters follow them,as this universe is part of the Dimensional Clockwise they live in.Meanwhile,the CMCs found pawprints heading for somepoint and started following it's trail.
Smart and Scaredy Squirrel Beauty Pagent? Doll Invasions 105b 9 The CMCs visit the Scaredy Squirrel Universe and met Scaredy himself.Meanwhile,Katie and Milly enters the Danville Beauty Pagent.
Cyclone Effect Stolen Memory!? 106a and b 10 After a kid stole the T3 Cyclone Memory from Nyx,she,the Fireside Girls minus Melissa and the CMCs pursuit him.Meanwhile,Emily-2 detected a strange energy force from outside the universes.
Cutie Mark Crusaders Jamboree Our Own Jamboree 107a 11 Finding out that the Fireside Girls have their own Jamboree,the CMCs decide to build their own.Meanwhile,Phineas and Isabella hang out in the CMCs' dimension.
Cheer Up Apple Bloom My Lost Item... 107b 12 After Apple Bloom got upset that she lost her bow,Scootaloo and Sweetie (with help from the Fireside Girls) decides to cheer her up.Meanwhile,Phineas and Ferb help Shovel and Pail with their sandcastle during the Annual Sandcastle Contest.
Discord's Apprentice Re-incarnated Chaos 108a 13 The Fireside Girls and the CMCs encounter a young draconequus,who is apparently Discord's former apprentice.Meanwhile,Nyx studies the previous Big Ideas created by Phineas and Ferb.
Lights,Scootaloo,Action! Actress Scootaloo? 108b 14 When a movie director see Scootaloo showing off her scooter skills,he decides to make her a star of a movie.Meanwhile,the other gang got lost in the forest while jungle trecking.
Trouble with Babies It's Not Easy to Take Care of a Baby! 109a 15 When the CMCs,Milly and Katie are forced to take care of a baby who got seperated from his mother,things have gone awry.Meanwhile,the other girls help Phineas and Ferb with their latest Big Idea.
Time Judged All Undying Flame 109b 16 A phoenix came to the Phineas and Ferb Universe and befriended Milly. Meanwhile,the cast are taking care of the Mane 6 Ponies' pets.
Finger on the Trigger Blooimg Paintball 110a and b 17 Apple Bloom borrow Nyx's T3 Trigger Memory so that she could win the Paintball Challenge.Meanwhile,the Fireside Girls run a website based on their adventure a year ago.
Fireside Crusaders The Movie: A Strong Bond Fireside Crusaders The Movie: Ultimate Nightmare Movie Special Movie Katie encounters an alternate version of Nyx and bring her home.But enemy forces are attempting to use her for world conquer.So the cast,especially Katie must protect this mysterious,alternate incarnation of Nyx before it's too late.

Season 2 (Gaia Memory Arc)Edit

The second season of the series. After the events of the two-parter Season 2 opener, Kai-Lan remained in her ghost form until the end of Season 2. It aired for 10 episodes. This season is part of the series' first half.

Season Episode # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 2

7 half-hours(10 seperated)+Movie

Episodes Japanese Title Production Code Broadcast Number Episode Summary
A Dangerous Enemy Part 1 Enter Dark Character! Rintoo and Dark Rintoo 201a and b 18(1) After Kai-Lan discovered that she's dying due to the events involving an alternate Nyx,she decides to spend her last day with her friends,especially Rintoo.However,a villain arrives in Danville and attempts to steal the Dimensional Remote.
A Dangerous Enemy Part 2 Enter Dark Rintoo! A Friends Wish..... 202a and b 19(2) In the aftermath of Kai-Lan's death,Rintoo became desperate and depressed that he lost his bestest friend,which worries the other cast especially the Fireside Girls.And the villain tried one last attempt to get his hand on the Dimensional Remote.
Ghostly Days Ghost Powers! Pranking? Lemonade Stand!?! 203a 20(3) After beign revived and turned to a ghost,Kai-Lan begin to discover that she has Danny Phantom-like powers and began to mess around with it.Meanwhile,the Fireside Girls help the CMCs to run a lemonade stand.
Shout Out Dolphin Partner 203b 21(4) During the visit to the Aquirium,Katie and Milly visit the Batman:The Brave and the Bold Universe and met Batman and Aquaman.Meanwhile,the CMCs befriended a friendly dolphin.
Tech Trouble

Machine Purge

204a 22(5) After one of Phineas and Ferb's latest project accidentally caused a power surge which make all the machines to be sentient,the cast head to town to stop the sentient machines while Phineas and Ferb are working on fixing their contraption.Meannwhile,Doofenshmirtz attempts to get control over the sentient machines.
Tech Trouble Redux (Another Story) Machine Purge - Side Story 204b 23(6) During the cast's attempt to stop the sentient machines,Phineas and Ferb discover that the very part they use to create their latest Big Idea ran out.Meanwhile,Emily-2 ended up facing multiple sentient machines.
Power to Terror Time Slip!!? Dinosaur Chase! 205a and b 24(7) The cast ended up in the Prehistoric Earth when Katie accidentally activates the Flux Capacitor-ability of the remote.Meanwhile,the CMWs discover an an abandoned lab.
Fireside Crusaders The Movie 2: Reign of the T4s Fireside Crusaders The Movie: T4 Memory Unleashed! NEW Never's Reign of Terror! Movie Special 2 Movie 2 A band of terrorist called New NEVER arrives in Danville and are armed with the mysterious T4 Gaia Memories.Now the cast of the series must find a way to stop them and the T4 Gaia Memories or Danville will forever be destroyed.
The T4 Aftermath Aftermath! Leftover T4 Memories 206a 25(8) In the aftermath of the near-destruction of Danville,repairs began on the city and the neighbourhood.However,several remaining T4 Gaia Memories are still scattered around Danville and the cast must find them before something bad happens.
A New T3 Memory Newest Memory! Xtreme! 206b 26(9) As Nyx is working on a brand new T3 Memory,the Fireside Girls encounter a young boy who is very mysterious.Meanwhile,Emily look back at her adventures a year ago.
Nobody's Perfect Transform! Kamen Rider New Accel Arrives 207a and b 27(10) A young man known as Kamen Rider New Accel arrives in Danville and met the cast,explaining that he's here to stop a mere Dopant.Meanwhile,Kai-Lan attempts to regain her solid body.

Season 3 (Mysterious Blackhole Arc)Edit

The third season of the series.Kai-Lan had regained solid body back in the Season 2 finale but retains her ghost powers.Also,Season 3 has a new remastered opening showing Katie and Apple Bloom singing their version of the song Time Judged All and the logo appears after the finish.This remains throughout Season 4.Season 3 aired for 10 episodes,ending it with a cliffhanger.This season is part of the series' first half.

Season Episode # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 3

7 half-hours(10 seperated)

Episodes Japanese Title Production Code Broadcast Number Episode Summaries
Children of Nightmare Remnants Remaining Nightmare.... 301a and b 28(1) Nyx encounters Blackjack,a remnant of the long-forgotten cult Children of Nightmare.Meanwhile,Phineas and Ferb's latest contraption has gone haywire and is wreaking havoc across Danville.
Sun Goes Up Mayhem in the Zoo!! Runaway Elephant? 302a 29(2)

The cast visit the zoo and the CMCs befriended a baby elephant.Meanwhile,Milly and Katie follows a suspicious janitor.

Camp Trouble Strange Camp 302b 30(3) Katie,Milly and the CMCs head inside the Camp Lazlo Universe and met the three scouts of Camp Kidney.Meanwhile,the other girls encounter Isabelle's Fireside Girl troop.
Fireside Halloween Party Scares of Halloween! 303a 31(4) During the Halloween Party at the Fireside Girls' Lodge,one of the part guest appears to be a real deal as he was stalking the CMCs.Meanwhile,Kai-Lan attempts to scare the party guest with her ghost form.
Halloween or Bust? Haunted House Visit 303b 32(5) While the Fireside Halloween Party occurs,New Accel and Nyx head to the Danville Forest to investigate the 'zombie' activities lurking around there.Meanwhile,the Fanon Character Trio come across a haunted house.
Fireside Crusaders Christmas Vacation Shining Christmas! 304a,b and c 33(6) During Christmas,Katie,Mlly and the CMCs encounter Starlight,whom Katie and Milly have met before.Meanwhile,the other cast encounter a man who hated Christmas.
In Your Dreams My Dream or your Dream? 305a and b 34(7) Katie ended up in a Fairytale-esque dream and met the Fairytale versions of the characters.Now she must find a way to wake up to reality
The Cowardly Dog The Supernatural Town!? 306a 35(8) Katie and Milly enters the Courage the Cowardly Dog Universe and met Courage.Meanwhile,the CMCs visit a town filled with supernatural activities and sightings.
Troops and Monsters Monster Outbreak! 306b 36(9) Katie and Milly visit The Troop Universe and met the Troop Agents.Meanwhile,Emily-2 accidentally release the monsters that were kept prisoner in her dimension.
Extreme Dream Part 1 Core Trouble! Dr. Maki Appears! 307a and b 37(10) Dr. Maki,who is suppossedly destroyed by OOO showed up in Danville and plans to insert the Purple Core Medals into Apple Bloom.However,the Core Medals instead got inside of Katie.....

Season 4 (Core Medal Arc)Edit

The fourth season of the series.Starting with the Season 4 opener,the Putotyra Combo Medals remains inactive inside Katie.It aired for 16 episodes.The season also spawns many TV Special Adaptations.The season ends with the muscial movie which also the 10th Anniversary of the Extended Phineas and Ferb Universe.This season is the last one be part of the series' first half.

Season Episode # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 4

12 half-hours(16 seperated)+Movies

Episodes Japanese Title Production Code Broadcast Number Episode Summaries
Extreme Dream Part 2 Core Trouble! Enter Core Medals! 401a and b 38(1) After beign turned to a mindless monster by Dr. Maki,Katie wreak havoc across Danville.Now Milly and the CMCs must stop her and turn her back to her normal self before it's too late.Meanwhile,Nyx recieves something from a mysterious pony.....
A New System Dismayal..... 402a 39(2) After witnessing the Core Medal Giga Scan function of the Dimensional Remote,Nyx decides to upgrade her Memory Gadgets.Meanwhile,Katie got upset that she ended up attacking Danville ever since the purple Core Medal incident.
Ninja Revolution Nin-nin-ninja! Apple Bloom's Best Way! 402b 40(3) During a visit to the Supah Ninja Universe,the Supah Ninjas mistook Katie as an out of ordinary human, due to the Core Medals inside her.Meanwhile,Apple Bloom attempts to train to be a ninja.
Welcome to the Underworld The Underworld 403a 41(4) Katie,Milly and the CMCs visit The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Universe.Meanwhile,Nyx accidentally summons spirits of the Underworld.
Imaginary or Unimaginary? The House of Imagination 403b 42(5) Katie and Milly visit a dimension where a house is filled with imaginary friends.Meanwhile,the other Fireside Girls encounters a strange creature.
Giant Step Rocket to Space! 404a and b 43(6) Phineas and Ferb built rockets again and this they make a big one.Meanwhile,New Accel is investigating a strange area.
Got To Keep It Real Arachnid Mishap! Nyx's Solutions 405a 44(7) After a mishap that turned everyone around town into spiders,Nyx must find a way to unwind the spell before they permanently became a spider.Meanwhile,Doofenshmirtz attempts to finish his -inator even after he became a spider like everyone else.
Free your Heat My Burning Soul 405b 45(8) When the T3 Heat Memory suddenly malfunction,Nyx started beign afraid of ever using it.Meanwhile,Katie attempts to use the Tamashii Giga Scan with the Taka,Imagin and Shocker Medals.
Phineas and Ferb,EKDC and Fireside Crusaders:The Best Day Ever Trilogy Dimension Heroes 10th Anniversay Special: BEST DAY Trilogy Movie Special 3,4 and 5 Movie 3,4 and 5

PnF-Phineas and Ferb are targeted by a Zodiarts and the others must find a way to save them.

EKDC-Emily and Kiki got trapped in a different multiverse where she had never discovered Kiki's secret.

FC-Katie,Milly and the CMCs encountered Daiki Kaito,who had stolen Nyx's Prism Shooter.

Team of Three Zoom! Enter Radar! 406a 46(9) Milly and Katie visit the Team Umizoomi Universe and met Team Umizoomi themselves.Meanwhile,Nyx is working on creating a new Memory Gadget.
Monkey's School School of Animals!?!? 406b 47(10) Katie and Milly visit the My Gym Partner's A Monkey Universe.Meanwhile,Phineas and Ferb host a a talk show.
Fireside Crusaders: The Musical Summer Play? Apple Bloom's Script 407/408 48(11) Apple Bloom decides to have everyone to put up a musical play in her dimension back in Canterlot.During the play,the characters play the various variation of their characters.Meanwhile,Doofenshmirtz attempts to get inside after he forgot his tickets.
Ponies of the Feathers Convention! Sci-fi and Fantasy 409a and b 49(12) The CMCs and the Fireside Girls visit the Scince-Fiction/Fantasy Convention in Canterlot and got caught in the war between sci-fi geeks and fantasy fans.Meanwhile,as the other cast are also in the convention,Candace attempt to bring Ducky Momo to the convention.
Superhero Dog Canine Hero 410a 50(13) Katie and Milly visit a dimension where a certain dog is a superhero.Meanwhile,Melissa find out the the Fireside Girls gained superpowers a year ago.
Samurai's Way The Shogun from out of Time 410b 51(14) Milly,Katie and the CMCs visit the Samurai Jack Universe and met Samurai Jack himself.Meanwhile,Sweetie Belle attempts to be a samurai with help from Phineas and Ferb.
Ride On Right Time Part 1 Captured! My Friends are in Danger! 411a and b 52(15) The cast except for Katie,Milly,CMCs and the Engine Trio are held prisoner by a cheetah-like Supervillain.They must rescue them before before the villain could do any harm to them.
Ride On Right Time Part 2 Superhero? Saving my Friends! 412a and b 53(16) Still wanting to save their friends from the villain,they are encountered by a Superhero who is apparently trying to capture that villain.Will Katie,Milly,CMCs and the Engine Trio save their friends?
Fireside Crusaders: The Musical Movie Fireside Crusaders Forever: The Biggest Crisis! Dimensional Wall Breakdown!! (ファイアサイドクルセイダーFOREVER!最大の危機! 次元の壁の内訳!! Faiasaidokuruseidāzu Fōebā: Saidai no kiki! Jigen no kabe no uchiwake!!) Movie Special 6 Movie 6 When the walls of dimensions have broken down and chaos corrupted every single dimension,including the Phineas and Ferb Universe.With time and space beign in a catasthrophic situation,it's up to the characters of the show to fix the walls before it's too late.

Season 5 (Aftermath Arc/Robotic Heart Arc/Fire of Friendship Arc/Final Relics Arc)Edit

The fifth and final season. It's also the 2nd half of the series

Season Episode # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 5 59 half-hours(98 Seperated)
Episodes Japanese Title Production Code Broadcast Number Episode Summaries
Aftermath Arc
The New Revolution Trouble! FK Hover Runaway!! (トラブル!FKホバー暴走!Toraburu! FK hobā bōsō!) 501a and b 54(1) With Nemo and the Tamagotchi characters as part of the roster,Memetchi and Nemo encountered a stray FK Hover.Meanwhile,the other characters,using Phineas and Ferb's latest invention are making sure that the Dimensional Walls would never break again.
The Legendary Treasure New Adventure Begins! The Legendary Treasure! (新しい冒険が始まる!伝説の宝!Atarashī bōken ga hajimaru! Densetsu no takara!) 502a 55(2) When the New Horoscopes attack Danville,an old man reveal to Melissa the existence of The Legendary Treasure and the 25 ancient relics used to reveal it.Meanwhile,Nyx and Emily-2 create a new New Candroid.
The Search Begins Search!! Two Suspicious Fellows!? (さがせ!!二つの疑わしいフェローは!?Sagase!! Futatsu no utagawashī ferō wa!?) 502b 56(3) When searching in Ponyville and Tamagotchi Town for the Ancient Relics,Katie and Milly,in each respective world they search through,met a strange character.Meanwhile,Sweetie Belle and Melodytchi got lost during search.
The Thief and the Detective Arrived! Detective Katie and Inspector Milly! (三条!探偵ケイティとインスペクタミリー!Sanjō! Tantei Keiti to insupekutamirī!) 503a and b 57(4) Taking place in a TV Show,Detective Katie and Inspector Milly acompany Anpan Detective (Mametchi) in capturing Thief Papiyon (Lovelin),who is acompanied by the Three Pony Crusaders (Cutie Mark Crusaders).Meanwhile,the other police forces are attempting to escape from another enemy.
Approval Schmaproval Approval! Trust Between Comrades (承認!なかまの信頼 Shōnin! Nakama no shinrai) 504a 58(5) Encoutering one of the generals who had hidden few of the Ancient Relics,it is revealed that he refuses to approve anyone due to beign betrayed years ago.Meanwhile,Nemo and Milly got trapped in a cave and discovered something exciting.
Moriritchi's Lost Rhythm Search! Moriritchi's Sense of Rhythm! (さがせ!もりりっちのリズムのセンスの!Sagase!Moriritchi no Rizumu no sensu!) 504b 59(6) When Moriritchi suddenly lost her sense of rhythm,Melodytchi,Nemo and Gretchen decides to help her regain it.Meanwhile,the Engine Trio ends up in the Darkness Dimension and discover one of the relics.
Melodytchi Can You Hear Me? Trapped! Melodytchi,Help Us! (捕捉さ!メロディっち、たすけて!Hosoku sa! Melodytchi, tasukete!) 505a 60(7) When the characters got trapped in the basement,they tried to call out to Melodytchi.Meanwhile,Nyx,Emily-2 and Suujo/Donny are dealing with New Horroscope's attack.
Boat Trip Cruise! Ocean Trouble!! (クルーズ!海のトラブル!Kurūzu! Umi no toraburu!) 505b 61(8) Taking a cruise to Hawaii,the ship had a breakdown and the characters are now stuck in the middle of the ocean.Meanwhile,Phineas and Ferb are attempting to help repair the boat.
Surprise Party Party! Protect Donny's Birthday Party!(パーティー!ドニーの誕生日パーティーを守れ!Pātī! Donī no tanjōbi pātī o mamore!) 506a 62(9) When throwing a surprise part for Donny,New Horoscopes is sighted to have attacked Birthday parties and the characters must do whatever they can to prevent New Horoscopes from ruining the surprise party.Meanwhile,Suujo send Donny on a wild goose chase.
Anime Characters Unite Birth! Anime Character Team! (誕生!アニメキャラのチーム!Tanjō! Anime kyara no chīmu!) 506b 63(10) When the other characters got captured by a bounty hunter working for New Horoscopes,Time-mon,the Tamagotchi characters and the Engine Trio formed a team in order to rescue them.Meanwhile,Suujo and Donny decide to rescue the other characters as well.
The Heroic Thief Trouble!! Three Pony Crusaders Kidnapped!? ( トラブル!三ポニー十字軍は、さらわれたデービッド!?Toraburu! San ponī jūjigun wa, sarawa reta dēbiddo!?) 507a and b 64(11) A week after the defeat of Lynx Zodiarts,Anpan Detective,Detective Katie and Inspector Milly are still in pursuit of Thief Papiyon.Meanwhile,an evil Dopant had kidnapped the Three Pony Crusaders and held them hostage.
ChaMametchi and Negative ChaMametchi Danger!! Negative ChaMametchi Arrived!! (危険!!ネガティブ ちゃまめっち が到着!!Kiken!! Negatibu ChaMametchi ga tōchaku!!) 508a 65(12) After the Duplicate Dopant scan ChaMametchi's image and duplicate her to create Negative ChaMemetchi,New Horoscopes sent her on an inflitration mission to destroy the protangonists from the the inside.However,Dark Rintoo is oblivious to the plan.Meanwhile,the characters are helping Phineas and Ferb with their latest project.
The Crest of Memories Remember!! Time-mon's Lost Memory!! (覚えている!!タイム - モンの失われたメモリ!! Oboete oite kudasai!! Taimu-mon no ushinawareta memori!!) 508b 66(13) When Time-mon lost her memories during the search for the 5th relic in the Digital World because of Amnesia Dopant,the characters attempt to restore her memories.Meanwhile,Zoey and Lovelitchi kept searching for the relic.
Jetbee's Honor Watch Out Jetbee!! The Wing Engines Crest!! (ジェットビーを注視!!ウイングエンジンのクレスト!! Jettobī o chūshi!! Uingu enjin no kuresuto!!) 509a 67(14) Jetbee returns to Machine World in the Super Sentai Universe in order to protect the Wing Clan.The characters got worried and followed her there.Meanwhile,Nyx and Emily-2 are holding out the New Horoscopes attack back in Danville.
Nyxi Returns Nyxi Appears! New Horoscope's Plan! (ニクー 登場!NEWホロスコープのプラン! Nikusi tōjō! Nyū horosukōpu no puran!) 509b 68(15) Nyxi showed up in Danville and warned Katie about New Horoscopes' new plan.Meanwhile,Nyx creates a new memory from a broken Money Memory.
Does This Hat Make Me Look Fat? Lost! Where is Melodytchi's Hat? (失わ! メロディっちの帽子はどこにありますか?Ushinawa! Meroditchi no bōshi wa doko ni arimasu ka? 510a 69(16) When Melodytchi lost her hat,the characters search in every single state in Danville to search it.Meanwhile,Phineas and Ferb help Moriritchi with her fasion statement.
New Recruits Captured! Recruiting New Agents! (捕獲!新しいエージェントを募集!Hokaku! Atarashī ējento o boshū! 510b 70(17) After New Horoscopes kidnap the the characters of the show,Larrry,Perry and Kiki recruit the mane 6's pet to O.W.C.A..Meanwhile,the Tamagotchi characters (and Nemo) are helping ChaMametchi and Imaotchi with their Tama-Science Fair project but it ended up in disaster.
My Fair Lovelin Competition! F-Games Number 2 (競争! F-ゲーム数2 Kyōsō! F - gēmu sū 2) 511a 71(18) Lovelin help Isabella compete against Buford and Baljeet in the 2nd F-Games.Meanwhile,Dark Rintoo encounter Negative ChaMametchi,who ambushes him and Negative Kai-Lan.
2nd Dimension Riot 2nd Dimension Trouble! Look Out,Emily-2!! (2次元のトラブル!アブナイ、エミリー- 2!! 2-Jigen no toraburu! Abunai,Emirī - 2!!) 511b 72(19) Emily-2 returns to the 2nd Dimension after New Horoscopes attack it.She finds the one responsible for the invasion but is no match for it.Meanwhile,Emily is doing whatever she can to minimize the danger of New Horoscopes' back in Danville.
My Big Fat Vampire Wedding Trouble in the Vampire Castle! Vampire Hunter Katie Arrives! (バンパイアの城でのトラブル!バンパイアハンターケイティが到着! Banpaia no shiro de no toraburu! Banpaiahantākeiti ga tōchaku!) 512a 73(20) When Vampire Mametchi kidnapped Sister Lovelin in another attempt to make her his vampire queen,Vampire Hunters Katie and Milly help the other sisters rescue Sister Lovelin while at the same time hunting down the vampires.Meanwhile,the Rookie Vampire Crusaders explore the outer terrains the vampire castle.
Samurai and Princess Mission! ShinkenKatie and ShurikenMilly,Go Forth! (任務!シンケンケイティとシュリケンミリーは、いざ参る! Ninmu! ShinkenKeiti to Shurikenmirī wa,iza mairu!) 512b 74(21) In Ancient fuedal Japan,Princess Lovelin have been kidnapped by Ninja Warriors Crusaders.Mametchisuke's pupil,ShinkenKatie and Shuriken Milly is sent on a mission to rescue her.Meanwhile,Ninja Nemo is sent by his masters to eliminate the two samurai rookies.
Traffic Safety Caper Obey!! Traffic Safety Rules! (従う!!交通安全のルール! Shitagau!! Kōtsū anzen no rūru!) 513a 75(22) When a traffic police is revealed to be one of the men who his the ancient relics,he gives the characters the lesson about traffic safety.Meanwhile,Negative ChaMametchi encountered a lost child as Dark Rintoo and Negative Kai-Lan keep an eye on her.
Lovelin,We Have a Problem Danger in Space! Asteroid Trouble! (宇宙で危険!小惑星のトラブル!Uchū de kiken! Shōwakusei no toraburu!) 513b 76(23) The characters head to space to find a rare space rock but Lovelitchi and Melodytchi ended up lost in the asteroid.Meanwhile,New Horoscopes attack a space station and Katie and Milly are doing whatever they can to protect it.
Robotic Heart Arc
Melodytchi Disconnected Lost! Tama Profy Search! (失われた!たまプロフィ検索! Ushinawareta! Tama purofi kensaku!) 514a 77(24) When Melodytchi lost her Tama Profy,she,Moriritchi and Lovelitchi (and unfortunately Nemo and Melissa) are searching through Danville to find it.Meanwhile,Nyx creates three new T3 Memories from the broken Sweets,Old and Hopper Memories with help from Mametchi.
A Rider's Job Settling the Score!! Jet's Battle! (スコアセトリング!! ジェットのバトル! Sukoasetoringu!! Jetto no batoru!) 514b 78(25) Jet heads for the Kamen Rider Universe to settle his scores with his old enemy.The other characters follow him there.Meanwhile,Katie and Milly got stuck doing chores in the saloon.
Fireside Crusaders Musical Cliptastic Countdown Clip Show! The Musical Countdown Show!! (ショーをクリップ!ミュージカルカウントダウンショー!!Shō o kurippu! Myūjikarukauntodaunshō!!) 515a and b 79(26) When Mametchi brought a duplicate of the machine Lovelin used to make her chocolates to Danville,Phineas and Ferb decides to put in a Singing Contest Show in the backyard.Meanwhile,Doofenshmirtz attempts to get his musical number to be famous across town.
Happiness in Peril Protect! Kai-Lan's Dimension! (守れ! カイランの次元! Mamore! Kairan no jigen!) 516a 80(27) When Kai-Lan visits her universe and find it in ruin,she swore to find the one responsible for the mess with Moriritchi and HoHo following her.Meanwhile,Katie and Milly compete in a Giant Chess Competition.
Melody Trouble Music Realm,The Realm of Music (音楽レルム、音楽のレルム Ongaku rerumu, ongaku no rerumu) 516b 81(28) Melodytchi and Lovelitchi ended up inside a dimension known as the Music Realm.Meanwhile,the others attempt to find a way to get inside that realm to rescue them.
Journey To The Center of Danville Discovered! Danville's Ancient Ruins! (発見しました!ダンビルの古代遺跡! Hakken shimashita! Danbiru no kodai iseki!) 517a 82(29) When Moriritchi,Baljeet and Scootaloo ended up in an ancient ruin below Danville,the characters must find a way to save them.Meanwhile,Emily-2 ended up facing another one of New Horoscope's invasion.
Lights,Lovelin,Action! Action! Movie-Star Lovelin (アクション!映画スターラブリン Akushon! Eiga sutā Raburin) 517b 83(30) The movie director from before decides to make Lovelitchi/Lovelin of his upcoming movie (with the other characters as extras).Meanwhile,Nemo follows a suspicious fellow who is wandering around the studio.
Kindness and Deliah Happiness Stolen! Kind Heart Revealed! (幸福は盗まれた!カインドハート 明らかに! Kōfuku wa nusuma reta! Kaindohāto akiraka ni!) 518a 84(31) When Milly gets send to the Happiness Dimension,she found out that a Yummy had stolen happiness out of it's inhabitants.Meanwhile,Katie lost her Core Medals in the sewers and she,Memetchi and Sweetie Belle.
The Test of Friendship Friendship! Rescuing our Friends!! (友情!ワタシのナカマのタスケテ!! Yūjō! Watashi no nakama no tasukete!) 518b 85(32) Shovel and Pail went back to their universe only to find out that Periwinkle and Tickety had been kidnapped.Meanwhile,Phineas,Ferb and Isabella ended up in New Horoscope's headquarters.
My Way or the Motor-Speedway Race!! Apple Bloom versus Diamond Tiara!! (レース!!アップル・ブルム vs ダイヤモンド・ティアラ!! Rēsu!! Appuru Burūmu tai Daiyamondo Tiara!!) 519a 86(33) Apple Bloom challenged Diamond Tiara to a race in the Swamp Oil 5000.Meanwhile,Negative Chamametchi is testing some of her weapons which causes an indirect event in the Motor-Speedway Stadium.
One Small Step For Lovelin Trouble!! Lovelitchi On the Moon!! (トラブル!!ラブリっち月の!! Toraburu!! Rabuulitchi tsuki no!!) 519b 87(34) Lovelitchi ended up on the moon along with HoHo and Zoey.Meanwhile,Phineas and Ferb built a giant tennis ball.
Robot Love Love!! Mellana Appears

! (愛して!!メラナクン登場! Ai shite! Merana tōjō!)

520a 88(35) When HoHo got upset that he doesn't have a crush,he encountered a young girl named Mellana.Meanwhile,the characters delt with multiple Dustard threats across Danville.
Bath House Surprise Bath House Trouble!! (バスハウスのトラブル!! Basu hausu no toraburu!!) 520b 89(36) Phineas and Ferb built a giant bath house.Meanwhile,Nyx and Emily-2 are dealing with yet another one of New Horoscopes' invasion.Elsewhere,Dr. Doofenshmirtz attempts to destroy the New Horoscopes (which he refers to as robed constellation monsters) from within when he thought they were getting in his way of his goal of taking over the Tri-State Area.
Loyalty and Sweetness Lost in Dimensions!! Rainbow Thunder and Sweet Melody (次元で失われた!!レインボーサンダーとスイートメロディー Jigen de ushinawareta!! Reinbōsandā to suītomerodī) 521a and b 90(37) Scootaloo ended up in the Rainbow Realm while Sweetie Belle ended up in Melody World.Meanwhile,Dark Rintoo attempts to convince Negative Chamamethi to leave New Horoscopes.Elsewhere,Katie and Mellana compete in the video game.
The Hyper Sword Unleashed! The Hyper Sword! (解き放た!ハイパーソード! Tokihanata! Haipāsōdo!) 522a 91(38) When the Dragon Dopant is proven to be a tough oppenent,Katie and Nyx are putting up some finshing touches on Nyx's new creation,the Hyper Sword.Meanwhile,the Dark Characters encounter the chidrens of one of New Horoscope's scientist.
Commander and Majors Chief! Hyper Sword Got Lost!? (チーフ!ハイパーソードは失われてしまった!? Chīfu! Haipāsōdo wa ushinawa rete shimatta!?) 522b 92(39) Lovelitchi and Moriritchi encountered a former Navy Commander,who is one of the ones who hide the ancient relics.Meanwhile,Nyx lost the Hyper Sword as she,Katie and Mellana search for it.
Tamamori or Bust? Party? Lost Tamamori Book!? (パーティー?たまもり予約を失った!? Pātī? Tamamori yoyaku o ushinatta!?) 523a 93(40) Moriritchi lost her Tamamori Book in a realm called the Party World as she head head inside to search for it.Meanwhile,the characters auditioned in the Danville Arena.
Trump Card of Fate Connection with the Earth! Nyx's Trump Card!! (地球との接続!ニクスの切り札!! Chikyū to no setsuzoku! Nikusu no kirifuda!) 523b 94(41) Nyx ended up in a realm where it is the source power of her T3 Gaia Memories.Meanwhile,Mellana tries to understand the concept of "shopping".
Protecting Comrades Protect! My Two Comrades! (守れ!私の二つの仲間たち! Mamore! Watashi no futatsu no nakama-tachi!) 524a 95(42) Apple Bloom-2 chase a Dopant back to her dimension after he kidnapped Scootaloo-2 and Sweetie Belle-2.Meanwhile,Phineas and Ferb built a giant paintball machine.
Trustful Clownfish Nemo's Desire (ニモの欲望 Nimo no Yokubō) 524b 96(43) Nemo went back to his dimension in order to save his three classmates.Meanwhile,the team chases runaway gremlins created because of a flaw in Phineas and Ferb's latest creation while at the same time dealing with New Horoscope's attack.
Time-Space Rift Trouble Part 1 Time Space Rift!! Katie Meets Shinken Katie! Part 1 (時空の裂け目!!ケイティはシンケンケイティ·ミーツ!パート1 Jikū no sakeme!! Keiti wa shinkenkeiti· mītsu! Pāto 1) 525/526 97(44) When a Space-Time Rift had suddenly occured,Katie is assisted by her ansestor,Shinken Katie in defeating the enemy behind this chaos.Meanwhile,the Engine Trio,Moriritchi and Nemo attempts to calm the spectators in the Danville 50th Annual Celebration Concert. As the events occured, a little girl with mysterious abilities ended up in New Horoscope's hideout.
Time Space Rift!! Katie Meets Shinken Katie! Part 2 (時空の裂け目!!ケイティはシンケンケイティ·ミーツ!パート2 Jikū no sakeme!! Keiti wa shinkenkeiti· mītsu! Pāto 2)
Time-Space Rift Trouble Part 2 Time Space Rift!! Saving Danville!! Part 1 (時空の裂け目!!節約ダンビル!!パート1 Jikū no sakeme!! Setsuyaku Danbiru!! Pāto 1) 527/528 98(45) After Danville is revealed to floating in another dimension,Katie and Shinken Katie must figure out how to stop the town from collapsing before it's too late.Meanwhile,the team, including Daisee are still attempting to calm down the Danville 50th Annual Celebration Concert spectators.
Time Space Rift!! Saving Danville!! Part 2 (時空の裂け目!!節約ダンビル!!パート2 Jikū no sakeme!! Setsuyaku Danbiru!! Pāto 2)
The Wizard of Lovelin Lovelin in Dreamland? Runaway Pashalin! (ラブリン ドリームランドに?暴走 パシャリン! Raburin dorīmurando ni? Bōsō Pasharin!) 529a and b 99(46) Lovelitchi,in her Lovelin persona ended up in a Wizard of Odd-esque dream and met the Residents of Odd,whom Candace had met in her dreams before.Meanwhile in reality,Apple Bloom and Meloytchi chase a runaway Pashalin.
Attack Of The 50 Foot Memetchi Memetchi is 50 Feet Tall!? (めめっち50フィート背が高い!?Memetchi 50 fīto segatakai!?) 530a 100(47) Memetchi got hit by the Doofenshmirtz's Giant-inator and ended up growing to a 50 foot tall Tamagotchi.The characters must find a way to change her back to normal.Meanwhile,Time-mon and Jetbee follows Zoey to an unusual place.
Suddenly Isabelle Isabelle and Isabella: Best Friends!? (イザベルとイザベラ: ベストフレンド!? Izaberu to Izabera: besutofurenzu!?) 530b 101(48) Isabelle seeks refuge with Isabelle and started hanging out with her with each of their respective Fireside Girls troop watching them.Meanwhile,Nyx,Time-mon and Emily-2 investigate a disturbance caused by New Horoscopes.
Memetchi's Decision Part 1 Memetchi left the Team!? (めめっちチームを離れ!? Memetchi chīmu o hanare?) 531a and b 102(49) After Memetchi left the team,Flowertchi followed her to protect her as instructed by Katie.Meanwhile,Zoey spies on New Horoscopes.
Fire of Friendship Arc
Memetchi's Decision Part 2 Partners Eternally.......(永遠のパートナー....... Eien no pātonā... ....) 532a and b 103(50) After Flowertchi's death in protecting Memetchi,Memetchi couldn't let go of the guilt of the mistake she had caused.Meanwhile,Suujo and Nemo assist Zoey on figuring out New Horoscope's plan.
Oil on Larry Trouble! Art Museum Robbery!! (トラブル!美術館の強盗!! Toraburu! Bijutsukan no gōtō!!) 533a 104(51) While visiting an Art Museum,Melodytchi and Time-mon spotted a robber nearby.Meanwhile,Nyx and Emily-2 inflitrate of the Horoscope Agent's headquarters.
Larry Gets Busted Trouble at Danville Mountain (ダンビルマウンテンでトラブル Danbirumaunten de toraburu) 533b 105(52) After Larry get spotted by her owner in her secret agent mode,she begins to fear that she wouldn't not only be relocated,but forced to leave the team as well.Meanwhile,Nemo and Moriritchi climb Danville Mountain.
Get That Zodiarts Outa My Face Vengeance! The Most Important Thing in Life! (復讐!ほとんどのタイセツ生活でのシング! Fukushu! Hotondo no taisetsu seikatsu de no shingu!) 534a 106(53) When a Zodiarts attacks the town,Milly recognizes it as the one who destroyed the town she visited.Overhelmed by anger and revenge,she attempts to settle a score with it.
Fashion Check! Trouble with Fashion! Fashion World (ファッションとのトラブル!ファッションの世界 Fasshon to no toraburu! Fasshon no sekai) 534b 107(54) Memetchi and Time-mon ended up in the Fasion World,one of the dimensions that houses an Ancient Relic.Meanwhile,Isabelle and the Fanon Characters Trio encountered a Horoscope Agent.
Pirates and Privateer Privateer Vasco Appears!! (私掠バスコ登場!! Shiryaku basuko tōjō! !) 535a 108(55) A privateer named Vasco appears before the Fireside Crusaders team and New Horoscopes,claiming that he would obtain the Legendary Treasure and use it to rule the world.
Undercover Scootaloo Undercover Works! Hang In There,Scootaloo!! (秘密の作品!がんばれー、スクタル!! Himitsu no sakuhin! Ganbare,Sukutaru!!) 535b 109(56) Scootaloo went undercover in one of the Horoscope Agent's hideout.Meanwhile,Emily and Time-mon encountered a former Evil Alliance general.
Animal Lover Watawatatchi,Hang In There!! (わたわたっち、がんばれー!! Watawatatchi,Ganbare!!) 536a 110(57) While on top of Animal Island,Watawatatchi must overcome her fears of dragon.Meanwhile,the other characters deal with a swarm of Dustard Invasions
Wrapped Up Danville Mayhem!! Nemo and the Birthday Present! (ダンビル メイヘム!! ネモ と バスデイ プレセント! Danbiru Meihemu!! Nemo to Basudei Puresento!) 536b 111(58) Danville is suddenly filled with present wrapping papers and the team investigates the cause of the mayhem.Meanwhile,Nemo attempts to find a birthday present
Spelling Bee Gretchen and Melodytchi: Spelling Bee Partners (グレッチェン と メロヂっち: スペリング・ビー・パトナズ Guretchen to Meroditchi: Superingu Bi Patonazu) 537a 112(59) Gretchen enters a spelling bee contest,only to find out that it's in multiple language.Eventually,she chose Melodytchi to be her partner since she can speak various language.Meanwhile,Phineas and Ferb built a Plane to outmatch their previous plane invention.
Time Paradox Time Paradox! Future and Past (タイムパラドックス!みらい と かこ Taimuparadokkusu! Mirai to Kako) 537b 113(60) Katie,Milly and Apple Bloom went back to the time where Phineas and Ferb built the rollercoaster.Meanwhile,the other characters are fending off a mass New Horoscope Invasion.
Shigurehimetchi Gets Busted Hang in There,Shigurehimetchi! (がんばれー、しぐれひめっち! Ganbare,Shigurehimetchi!) 538a and b 114(61) Shigurehimetchi seeks help from the Fireside Crusaders team after her home got invaded by the New Horoscopes.Meanwhile,the Fanon Character Trio follows a Dustard.
That's So Zoey Look Out,Zoey! The Forgetful Past (アブナイ、ゾーイ! わすれっぽい かこ Abunai,Zoi! Wasureppoi Kako) 539a 115(62) Zoey begins to reminscent her past life while keeping it from her fellow teammates.Meanwhile,the Darkness Mole Imagin have revived and plots to take revenge on Katie,Milly and Nyx.
The Lake Nose Monster Returns What!? Nosey Returns!! (何!?ノーセィーリターンズ!! Nani!? Nosi Ritanzu!!) 539b 116(63) When the characters visit Lake Nose,Phineas and Ferb met with their old friend Nosey.Meanwhile,New Horoscopes attempt to rob the Lake Nose of it's Zinc
Elementary,My Dear Lovelin Lovelitchi in England!! (ラブリっちわイングランド!! Raburitchi wa Ingurando!!) 540a 117(64) The characters visit England,Ferb and Emily's hometown.While there,Lovelitchi visits the Queen.Meanwhile,Melodytchi and Melanna spies on Nyx and Emily-2,suspecting them.
Lovelin's Big Day Lovelin,Good Luck!! (ラブリン、がんばれー!! Raburin,Ganbare!!) 540b 118(65) When Lovelitchi was chosen to be a model for Bobbi Fabulous' Fashion Show as Lovelin,she became nervous on what she is suppose to do.Meanwhile,the Dark Characters monitor the New Horoscope's activities.
Dudette,We're Getting the Idol Group Back Together Love Spark!! Shigurehimetchi and Kikitchi!! (レアブスパーク!!しぐれひめっちとききっち!! Rabu Supaku!! Shigurehimetchi to Kikitchi!!) 541a 119(66) Lovelitchi,Melodytchi and Moriritchi attempts to bring back an 80's girl band so that they would sing for Shigurehimetchi and Kikitchi with Katie and Apple Bloom's help.Meanwhile,Milly,Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle attempts to distract Shigurehimetchi and Kikitchi.
Melodytchisary Roughnesss Good Luck,Time-mon!! (がんばれー、タイム・モン!! Ganbare,Taimu-mon!!) 541b 120(67) Melodytchi head back to her hometown in the Tamagotchi Universe after New Horoscope's invaded it.Meanwhile,Time-mon had trouble getting a voucher for her favourite restaurant.
Shigurehimetchi in Tokyo Look Out,Shigurehimetchi!! (アブナイ、しぐれひめっち!! Abunai,Shigurehimetchi!!) 542a 121(68) Shigurehimetchi visits Tokyo and ended up unknowingly pursuited by the New Horoscopes.Meanwhile,Nemo takes Sweetie Belle for a walk in the park.
Hastalavista,Amigos Katie and Apple Bloom-Lost in Amazon!? (ケイティとアップル・ブルーム:アマゾンで失わ!? Keiti to Appuru Burumu-Amazon de Ushinawa!?) 542b 122(69) Katie and Apple Bloom ended up lost in the Amazon Forest and the characters must find a way to rescue to them.Meanwhile,Zoey and Nyx ended up in an old Gaia Memory Reasearch Facility in the Kamen Rider Universe.
Oil on Flowertchi Protect the Nature,Flowertchi!! (自然のまもれ、ふらわっち!! Shizen no Mamore,Furawatchi!!) 543a 123(70) Katie met a talking sunflower who is a spokeswoman for the Save the Nature Campaign that held place in the Danville Park.Meanwhile,Apple Bloom and Melodytchi find out about New Horoscope's plan.At the same time,Flowertchi joins the campaign as well.
Re: Ferb-inated Ferb The Movie!! Melodytchi's Problem!! (ファーブザムービー!!メロディっちのもんだい!! Fabu Za Mubi!! Meroditchi no mondai!!) 543b 124(71) TamaPtchi had make Ferb his animator after seeing his talents for digital editing.Meanwhile,Melodytchi,haunted by nightmares of Lovelitchi and Moriritchi fighting,invites her friends to her concert.
Lovelitchi and the Kingdom of the Crystal Hearts Lovelitchi's Treasure Hunt (ラブリっちのおたからハント Raburitchi no Otakara Hanto) 544a 125(72) Lovelitchi enlists the help of her friends on finding the Kingdom of the Crystal Hearts.Meanwhile,Nyx,not interested in partaking in a treasure hunt,relaxes on the beach.
Swiss Family Scootaloo Scootaloo's Family... (スクータルーのかぞく。。。 Sukutaru no Kazoku...) 544b 126(73) Scootaloo embarks on the journey to find the truth about her parents with Apple Bloom,Sweetie Belle,Katie and Milly helping her.Meanwhile,Mellana attempts to understand the concept of water slides.
Voyage to the Bottom of Baljeet Baljeet and the Spy Bot (バルジトとスパイボット Barujito to Supai Botto) 545a 127(74) New Horoscopes had planted a Spy Bot inside of Baljeet and the team needs to figure out how to get it out of him.Meanwhile,the Engine Trio are challenged to a football match by their old classmates.
Camp Sweetie Belle Sweetie Belle's Camping Grounds (スウィーティ・ベルのキャンプ場 Suu~iti Beru no Kyanpubo) 545b 128(75) Sweetie Belle hosts a camp for a team of Lil' Sparks.Meanwhile,Zoey find out the history of Equestria' founding and decides to see the Fire of Friendship with her own eyes.
Fireside Crusaders The 7th Movie: Broken Bonds Fireside Crusaders Wonderful: The Darkness of Hatred! The Power of Love!! (ファイアサイドクルセイダーズWONDERFUL: 嫌いの闇!愛の力!! Faiasaidokuruseidā Wandafuru: Kirai no Yami! Ai no Chikara!!) Movie Special 7 Movie 7 An evil monster named Hate Dopant appears and uses his hate ray to turn the three pony tribes turn against each other, causing the Fire of Friendship to vanish. Making matters worse, he used his rays on the Music Trio, subsequently altering them and causing Lovelitchi and Moriritchi to trun against each other. Katie and the team now needs to find a way to stop the Dopant's evil plan and somehow help Lovelitchi, Melodytchi and Moriritchi out of their own sorrows. Elsewhere, Nemo attempts to confess his love to Sweetie Belle.
Final Relics Arc
MagnetMeat New Member: Himespetchi (新メンバー:ひめスペっち Shin Menba: Himesupetchi) 546a and b 129(76) After Himespetchi joined the team,Nyx and Mametchi searches for the 21st relic on IQ Island in hopes of finding a way of repressing the powers of the MagnetMeat.Meanwhile,Katie,Apple Bloom and Himespetchi spy on New Horoscopes.
Mellana's Revolution Mellana's True Origin (メラナの真ゆらい Merana no Shin Yurai) 547a and b 130(77) Mellana resolves into finding out her true origin.Meanwhile,Himespetchi enlists the help of Isabella to win Mametchi's heart.
Pinkie Dash Returns The Dash of Powers (ダッシュのちから Dasshu no Chikara) 548a 131(78) The team recieves a visit from another one of the Katie's friends,Pinkie Dash.Meanwhile,Kai-Lan discovers one of her new powers.
The Cutest One Isabella and the Cute Emblem (イザベラとキュートエンブレム Izabera to Kyuto Enburemu) 548b 132(79) Isabella ended up in Cute Island,where it hinted to be the location of the 22nd Relic.Meanwhile,the characters attempt to head inside Cute Island to rescue Isabella.
The Return of the Abominable Snowman The Tama Hearts' Power... (たまハートのちから。。。 Tama Hato no Chikara) 549a 133(80) The abominable snowman whom Katie befriended seeks help from her.Meanwhile,Nyx conjure up the magics from the Tama Hearts into her Astro Blaster.
Wizards of Danville State Sweetie Belle's Competition (スウィーティ・ベルの競争 Suu~iti Beru no Kyoso) 549b 134(81) A wizard appears in Danville and challenges Sweetie Belle to a Magic Competition.Meanwhile,Nyx attepts to combine the powers of Elek and Fire Switch within the Astro Blaster.
The Fireside Crusaders on Deck Trouble!! Cruise Control!! (トラブル!!クルーズコントロール!! Toraburu!! Kuruzu Kontororu!!) 550a 135(82) The team went on a cruise ship after Katie wins an essay contest but trouble comes after that.Meanwhile,Mellana enters an Eating Contest.
Engine Trio's Solo Style Engine Trio,Good Luck!! (炎神トリオ、がんばれ!! Enjin Torio,Ganbare!!) 550b 136(83) The Engine Trio went on their own solo mission to stop the New Hororscope's current plan.Meanwhile,Time-mon,expressing concerns for the Trio,follows them around.Elsewhere,Katie helps protect the Latke Festival.
Candace in Dreamland Candace's Nightmare (キャンデースの悪夢 Kyandesu no akumu) 551a 137(84) Candace got trapped in her dream and she has to find her way out before she is trapped forever.Meanwhile,the others attempt to fend off an attack by New Horoscopes.
Candace in Dreamland Redux (Another-Story) Katie's Nightmare (ケイティの悪夢 Keiti no akumu) 551b 138(85) While Candace is still trapped in her dream,Katie needs to find a way to get inside her dream and save her.Meanhile,the others are tracking down the Nightmare Dopant's hideout.
Tamamori Rivals Moriritchi vs Kirakiratchi (もりりっちVSキラキラっち Moriritchi tai Kirakiratchi) 552a 139(86) Moriritchi met a Tamagotchi who boasts about her Tamamori.So she challenge her to a Tamamori Challenge.Meanwhile,Apple Bloom attempts to convince Scootaloo to ask her crush to a date.
Fish Out Of Water Nemo's Date (ニモのデート Nimo no Deto) 552b 140(87) Nemo and Sweetie Belle go out on their first date but are constantly interrupted by Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.Meanwhile,Lovelitchi helps Suzy to change her evil ways.
Wind of the Feathers Protect the Wind! (風のまもれ! Kaze no Mamore!) 553a 141(88) Negative Kai-Lan ended up in dimension known as Wind Island.Meanwhile,the Engine Trio hang out in a suspicious cafe.
Overcoming the Terror Chess Competition!! Terror Memory Control!! (チェスコンクール!!テラーメモリコントロール!! Chesukonkuru!! Tera Memori Konturoru!!) 553b 142(89) Nyx attempts to overcome the T3 Terror Memory's power.Meanwhile,Katie and Milly competes in a chess competition.
Fire and Ice New Horoscopes' Day Off (NEWホロスコープスの休日 New Horosukopusu no Kyujitsu) 554a 143(90) The Horoscopes decides to take a vacation after another one of their plan fails.Meanwhile,Katie and Apple Bloom hang out in Tamax TV.
In the Name of Equestria Himespetchi and Mametchi (ひめスぺっちとまめっち Himesupetchi to Mametchi) 554b 144(91) Apple Bloom lost her relic in a spooky swamp and decides to go back there and get it back.Meanwhile,Himespetchi attempts to ask Mametchi on a date.
Ideals and Truth A Thief of Justice (正義の泥棒 Seigi no Dorobo) 555a 145(92) Katie encounters Zatie the Masked Vigilante,who coincidentally looks a lot like her.Meanwhile,the Engine Trio plays a video game.
Flower Power Flowers and Jewels (花と宝石 Hana to hoseki) 555b 146(93) Flowertchi follows an enemy to Flower Island,the location of the 24th relic.Meanwhile,Katie follows Zatie to a warehouse,suspecting that she is trying to steal something.
Protecting My Amigos The Treasure of Danville (ダンビルの宝 Danbiru no Takara) 556a 147(94) Melodytchi team-up with Kirakiratchi to find the Treasure of Danville.Meanwhile,Isabelle's Fireside Girl troop leader challenges the Fireside Girls.
A Koala's Way Tolee the Superhero (トーリーザスーパーヒーロー Tori za Supahiro) 556b 148(95) Tolee gains superpowers and began to secretly become a superhero.Meanwhile,Candace went on a date with Jeremy while trying to make sure he is safe.
A Passionate Battle Part 1 Melissa's Passion Part 1 (メリッサの情熱パート1 Merissa no Jonetsu Pato 1) 557a and b 149(96) Vasco had returned and he's aftering the Ancient Relics that the Fireside Crusaders Team have collected.
A Passionate Battle Part 2 Melissa's Passion Part 2 (メリッサの情熱パート2 Merissa no Jonetsu Pato 2) 558a and b 150(97) With Vasco stealing the Ancient Relic from the team one-after another,Katie decides to face him alone.
A Passionate Battle Part 3 Melissa's Passion Part 3 (メリッサの情熱パート3 Merissa no Jonetsu Pato 3) 559a and b 151(98) Melissa head for Happy Island to retrieve the last relic before Vasco does as the others hold off the New Horoscopes' invasion.
Fireside Crusaders The Final Movie: The Last Chapter Fireside Crusaders Epilogue: The Legendary Treasure Revealed! (ファイアサイドクルセイダーズエピローグ:伝説の宝明らかに! Faiasaido Kuruseidazu Epirogu: Densetsu no Takara Akira ni!) Movie Special 8 Movie 8 The Supreme Leader of the New Horoscopes have appeared to destroy the universe with the Mega Disintregator.Even worse,one of his attacks forced the Purple Core Medals inside Katie to be active again.Now the team must stop the him before the universes are destroyed,as the story would not only be the final battle,but to test on Katie and Apple Bloom's friendship.

TV SpecialsEdit

Just like it's preceder,EKDC,Fireside Crusaders has TV Special adaptations.Unlike EKDC's,FC has 9 TV Specials.The first 4 is split into 3/4/5 portions,though for the fourth special,while the first portion is still the same,the next 3 has an entirely new name,namely Secondary-Plot,Third-Plot and Final-Plot.The first three continues from Ponies of the Feathers.The next 6 specials are not split into portions.The last 3 part of a trilogy known as the Holiday Favourites Trilogy.These specials are part of the series' first half.

Episodes Japanese Title Production Code Broadcast Number Episode Summaries
Fireside Crusaders: The Seven Pony Warriors Special TVS1 TV Special 1 In their 3rd day of the cast's trip to Canterlot in the MLP Universe,they head to Ponyville and find that the New Horoscopes has tracked the cast to this dimension and started attacking Ponyville.When heard about he legends of the Seven Pony Warriors,Katie,Milly and the CMCs head for outskirts of Equestria to search for them.
Fireside Crusaders The Special 2: Revenge of the Zombie Ponies TVS2 TV Special 2 During the 4th day of the trip in Canterlot,Katie,Mily and the CMCs head back to Sunny Town where they have encountered the Zombie Ponies and Ruby.While there,Ruby reveals that there are still more residents of Sunny Town that are still zombie ponies and they are aftering Ponyville.
Fireside Crusaders The Special 3: The Ultimate Invasion TVS3 TV Special 3 In their last day of the trip to Canterlot,Equestria is in a brink of disaster when the remaining members of New NEVER threathens to destoy it.Now Katie,Milly,the CMCs and the other cast must stop them before Equestria is heavily destroyed.
Fireside Crusaders The Special 4: The Time Shift Special TVS4 TV Special 4 The special takes the story through prehistoric times,ancient chinese fuedal war,the 20th Century and the present day,in which the characters faced against the one common enemy..
Fireside Crusaders The Special 5: Close Encounters TVS5 TV Special 5 The characters encounter the Cupcakes Universe Cutie Mark Crusaders,who's here to see the hero of their universe,Katie.While dealing with her fans,a new enemy had appeared.
Fireside Crusaders The Special 6: The Big Recap TVS6 TV Special 6 While encountering a new enemy,the characters highlited on all of their misadventures from the start until now.
Fireside Crusaders The Special 7: The Depths in Winter TVS7 TV Special 7 While the cast are helping out the ponies with wraping up winter in their universe,the CMCs,Katie and Milly got lost in a deep-snowed forest and the cast must find a way to rescue them.During these events,three familiar,but faint energy signature has been spotted.
Fireside Crusaders The Special 8: The Snowman Cometh TVS8 TV Special 8 While still helping the ponies with the Winter Wrap-Up event,the characters encounter the Snowman Dopant.Meanwhile,Katie and Milly encountered an Abominable Snowman.

Fireside Crusaders The Final Special: The White Medals

TVS9 TV Special 9 As Winter Wrap-Up came to an end,Katie discover the last of the white Core Medals.Besides that,the New Horoscopes invaded Ponyville in an attempt to ruin Winter Wrap-Up.
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