Trilogy MovieEdit

The Movies are considered to be part of the series, though they're are not counted as Season 1.

Episodes Japanese Title Production Code Broadcast Number Episode Summary
Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis: The Movie Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis The Movie: Beginnings (エミリー・キニーの次元の危機ザ・ムービー:始まり Emiri Kini no Jigen no Kiki Za Mubi: Hajimari) Movie Special Movie Emily Kinney and Kiki the Fox ended up in various dimensions and met some new characters. When encountering some dangerous enemies, Kiki reveals her secret identity to Emily. Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb built a dimensional portal to rescue Emily and Kiki. At D.E.I, Doofenshmirtz rebuilt his Otherdimension-ator after he found it's blueprints.
Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis The Movie 2: Fatewhile's Return Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis The Movie 2: The Desire to Protect! (エミリー・キニーの次元の危機ザ・ムービー2:マモレのヨクボウ Emiri Kini no Jigen no Kiki Za Mubi Tsu: Mamore no Yokubou) Movie Special 2 Movie 2

After Monogram recommisioned Emily and her friends' memories about Kiki's Secret, they discovered that Fatewhile once again rises to spread Fatewhile's sickness and take revenge on the cast of Phineas and Ferb, especially Katie.

Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis The Final Chapter: The Christmas Miracle Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Final Movie: Christmas Miracle! Save the Dimensions! (エミリー・キニーの次元の危機FINAL・ムービー:クリマスミラクル!ジゲンのマモレ Emiri Kini no Jigen no Kiki Finaru Mubi: Kurismasu Mirakuru! Jigen no Mamore!) Movie Special 3 Movie 3 When Emily and her friends regained her memories of Kiki's secret the second time, a new villain is set to conquer the 1st Dimension and ruin Christmas. Will Emily and Kiki stop him? Will Phineas and Isabella finaly got their love spark? Will they save the Tri-State Area? Find out in this epic Christmas finale.

Season 1 (Dimensional Remote Arc)Edit

The very first season of the series. It aired for 35 episodes.

Season Episode # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 20 half-hours(35 seperated)
Episodes Japanese Title Production Code

Broadcast Number

Episode Summaries
To be British or not to be British To Chalkzone! Zai-Ran Appears! (チョークゾネする!ザイ・ランサンジョー Chokuzone Suru! Zai-Ran Sanjou) 101a 1 Emily and Kiki recieved a Dimensional Remote from Emily-2 and ended up in the Chalk Zone Universe. Meanwhile, Kai-Lan ask Emily-2 for tips on how to be British because her British cousin is visiting.
Haunted Robot Ghost!? Normbot Commander Haunts!! (ユーレイ!?ノルムコマンダー見物!! Yurei!? Norumubotto Komanda Kenbutsu!!) 101b 2 Emily-2 is being haunted by a spirit of Normbot Commander and ask Emily and Kiki for help. Meanwhile, Phineas is torn between going out with Isabella or building things with Ferb.
The Problem with Emily-2 Please Return, Emily-2!! (返す、エミリー・2!! Kaesu, Emily-2!!) 102a 3

When Emily-2 messed up The Resistance's mission pretty badly, she quits the Resistance, thinking that the 2nd Dimension characters are mad at her. Now Emily and Kiki must bring her back. Meanwhile, Candace came across Dennis the Rabbit (whom she names Mr. Cutie Patootie) again and found out that he's more than it seems to be.

Kai-Lan's Vampire Crisis What's Wrong, Kai-Lan? (どうしたの、カイ・ラン? Do shita no, Kai-Ran?) 102b 4

Kai-Lan turned into a vampire when she got bitten by a bat and she ask help from Emily to change her back. Meanwhile, Katie and Milly started arguing and eventually don't want to talk to each other again while Phineas and Isabella tried to help them make up.

Katie becomes an Apprentice Katie the Hero!? (ケイティザヒーロ!? Keiti Za Hiro!?) 103a 5

Emily and Kiki visit the Power Rangers Universe, a Universe similar to the Super Sentai Universe. Meanwhile, Katie is impressed by AkaRed's action and decides to be his apprentice.

Kat-astrophe Kat! Monsters! Fatewhile's Change of Image! (キャトオ!バケモノー! ウァイルのイメージワカワタ! Kyatto! Bakemono! Feitou~airu no Imeji wa Kawata) 103b 6

Emily accidentaly damaged the Dimensional Remote and ended up in the Kid vs. Kat Universe where she met Coop and Kat. Meanwhile, Katie tries to help Fatewhile (who somehow rises from the Underworld again) becoming a good person.

A Pony's Magic Arrived!! Mane 6 and Cutie Mark Crusaders Appear!! (サンジョ!!メイン6とキューティーマーククルセイダズトウジョウ Sanjo!! Mein Shikkusu to KyutiMakuKuruseidazu Toujou!! 104a and b 7

When Emily got sick, Emily-2 and Kiki venture to the My Little Pony Dimension and encounter Twilight Sparkle and Spike. An evil pony named Nightmare Moon, who was cloned from Princess Luna is sought out to conquer the 1st Dimension. Meanwhile, Candace and Perry are watching over Emily.

Robots In Disguise Cybertons and Destrons (サイバトロンとデストロン Saibatoron to Desutoron) 105a 8 Emily and Kiki visit the Transformers Animated Universe and met a girl named Sari Sumdac. Meanwhile, Katie found Princess Celestia's amulet from from the previous episode.
Panther in Pink Competition!! Applejack vs Kai-Lan-2! (大会!!アップルジャックvsカイ・ランー2! Taikai!! Appurujakku tai Kai-Ran-Tsu) 105b 9

Kiki ended up in The Pink Panther (1993 Series) Universe and met the Pink Panther. Meanwhile, Applejack and Kai-Lan-2 are having a competition to see who's a better farmer.

TUFF Dimension Fandom Trouble!! Hang in There, AkaRed! (ファンダムトラブル!!がんばれー、アカレッド! Fandamu Toraburu!! Ganbare, AkaReddo!) 106a 10

Kai-Lan ended up in the T.U.F.F. Puppy Dimension when the help reciever opens a portal to it. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie starts to adore AkaRed and kept following him.

Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Invader from Irken Emily-2 and Pinkie Pie (エミリー・2とピンキー・パイ Emiri-Tsu to Pinki Pai) 106b 11

The Cutie Mark Crusaders borrowed the Dimensional Remote and eventually ended up in the Invader Zim Universe. Now Emily and Kiki must find a way to bring them back. Meanwhile, Emily-2 is annoyed by Pinkie Pie's hyperactive attitude.

Digi Trouble Digi! Digi! Time-mon Appears! (デジ!デジ!タイム・モントウジョウ! Deji! Deji! Taimu-mon Toujou!) 107a 12 Emily and Kiki visit the Digimon Universe and encounter Patamon and Gatomon. Meanwhile, Akiko Narumi from the Kamen Rider Universe ends up in the Phineas and Ferb Universe.
Emily in Waverly Place Magic Trouble! (マジックトラブル! Majikku Toraburu!) 107b 13 Emily head inside a dimension where Waverly Place has something that is 'not what is seems'. Meanwhile, Ginger is trying to ask Baljeet to the Danville Dance Show.
Ghostly Wellows Baby Trouble! Ghost Invasion!! (ベイビートラブル!幽霊侵入! Beibi Toraburu! Yurei Shin'nyu) 108a 14

With Emily and Kiki are in Paris during their vacation, Juliette and Goldfish visit the Danny Phantom Dimension. Meanwhile, Milly and Katie runs a babysitting service to get their Babysitting Patches but they ended up baby-sitting Poof.

Cutie Mark Crusaders and 2 ninjas from the 2nd Dimension Ninja Appears! Juliette-2 and Goldfish-2 (ニンジャサンジョ!ジュリエット・2とゴールドフィッシュ・2 Ninja Sanjo! Jurietto-2 to Gorudofisshu-2) 108b 15

When Emily and Kiki head inside the 2nd Dimension, the Cutie Mark Crusaders follow them and ended up meeting 2nd Dimension counterparts of Juliette Bousquet and Goldfish Darkskull. Meanwhile, Juliette, Goldfish and Emma met an O.W.C.A. agent named Larry the Hamster.

Apple Bloom - O.W.C.A.'s Agent A Apple Bloom is a Secret Agent!? (シークレットエージェントアップル・ブルームワ!? Shikurettoejento Appuru Burumu wa!?) 109a and b 16

Emily and Kiki enters the next dimension they visit, the Robotboy Universe. While they met Robotboy and Tommy Turnbull, Dr, Kamikazi, Robotboy's nemesis tries to conquer the 1st Dimension. Meanwhile, Apple Bloom ended up becoming an O.W.C.A. agent and is given the codename Agent A.

Good Luck Apple Bloom Apple Bloom, Hang in There!! (がんばれ、アップル・ブルームー!! Ganbare, Appuru Burumu!!) 110a 17

Emily and Kiki visit the Good Luck Charlie Universe. Unfortunately, they bring Apple Bloom with them. Meanwhile, the other Cutie Mark Crusaders are helping the Fireside Girls earn their Camping Patch.

Pair of Scootaloos

Look Out, Scootaloo! (あぶない、スクータルー! Abunai, Sukutaru!) 110b 18

While Emily Kinney is having her relaxing day off, Scootaloo decides to 'borrow' the Dimensional Remote and enters the Pair of Kings Universe. Meanwhile, Holly, Katie, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle encounter Fatewhile who seems to be upset about something.

Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Webshow Wackos To The World of iCarly!! (アイカールリーの世界に行こうぜ!! AiKaruri no Sekai ni Ikou ze!!) 111a 19

Emily and the CMC, who replaces Kiki because she's currently on a mission with Perry, venture to the iCarly Universe. Meanwhile, an Oshawott ends up in Phineas and Ferb Universe and encountered Juliette and Goldfish.

Switched Brains Brain Switched!? Hang in There, Emily! (ブレーンスイッチ!?がんばれー、エミリー! Buren Suitchi!? Ganbare, Emiri!) 111b 20

Juliette and Larry the Hamster went inside the My Life as a Teenage Robot Universe. Meanwhile, Emily and Pinkie Pie accidentally switched brains thanks to Phineas and Ferb's latest invention.

Big Time Emily Emily's Rhythm (エミリーのリズム Emiri no Rizimu) 112a 21

Emily enters the Big Time Rush Universe and met Big Time Rush themselves. Meanwhile, Katie found out that Tolee has a crush on Apple Bloom and decide to have him asking her out.

It's a MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD World Arrived!! World of MAD (サンジョ!!MADのセイカイ Sanjo!! Maddu no Seikai) 112b 22 Emily and Scootaloo ended up in a dimension which is far more different than the others, the MAD Universe. Meanwhile, Kai-Lan tries to make Pinkie Pie laugh when her joy is accidentally absorbed by Dr. Doofenshmirtz's JoyAbsorber-inator.
Juliette's Agenda Remember, Juliette!! (思い出す、ジュリエット!! Omoidasu, Jurietto!!) 113a 23

Juliette got an amnesia after she accidentally meddle with the Amnesia-nator to full power. Goldfish and Emily tried to help her get her memory back. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash attempts to help Katie to be as fast as her.

Oh, There You Are Sweetie Belle Come Back, Sweetie Belle! (戻り、スウィーティ・ベル! Modori, Suu~iti Beru!) 113b 24

Sweetie Belle started running after feeling ignored. Appple Bloom and Scootaloo, feeling bad for what they've done, decide to find her.

Katie the Magnificent Katie is a Magician!? (ケイティは魔法使いです!? Keiti wa Mahotsukai Desu!?) 114a 25

Katie wants to do magic during the talent show and ask the other Fireside Girls' help. Meanwhile, after Emily acidentally broke Emily-2's lucky charm, she tried to hide it from her but it didn't end very well.

Scootaloo - Skate or Never? Good Luck, Scootaloo!! (がんばれーヨ、スクータルー!! Ganbareyo, Sukutaru!!) 114b 26

After Scootaloo follow Emily and Kiki to the Kick Buttowski Universe, she met Kick Buttowski himself who challenges her to a skate competition. Meanwhile, Applejack and Kai-Lan-2 are having another competition while Katie tries to be a good announcer.

The Buzz on Katie Look Out Katie!! Akared's Power Stolen!? (あぶないケイティ!!アカレッドの力盗ま!? Abunai Keiti!! Akareddo no Chikara Nusuma!?) 115a and b 27

Katie ends up in the The Buzz on Maggie Universe and met Maggie and Rayna. Emily and Kiki, who happends to have visited the world, encounters a large threat. Meanwhile, Emily-2 finds that AkaRed's powers have been stolen and decides to find out who did it before it's too late.

Trouble with Clones Scootaloo and Scootaloo!? (スクータルー アンドスクータルー!? Sukutaru ando Sukutaru!?) 116a 28

Scootaloo got hit by Doofenshmirtz's Clone-inator and ended up creating another Scootaloo, who's personality is slighty different than the original. Meanwhile, Emily and Kiki are helping Emily-2 catching The Resistance's most wanted criminal.

The Creepie-est Dimension Cutie Mark Crusaders: Break Up!? (キューティーマーククルセイダズ:ブレイク・アップ!? KyutiMakuKuruseidazu: Bureiku Appu!?) 116b 29

Emily and Kiki went inside the Growing Up Creepie Universe, which they find it most 'disturbing'. Meanwhile, the CMC starting arguing and declares that their club is 'over'. Phineas and Isabella decide to bring the trio back together.

The Emperor's Groovy Dimension Get Well, Kiki! (得るも,キキ! Eru mo, Kiki!) 117a 30

Emily visits the Emperor's New School Dimension and met Emperor Kuzco, who had a graduated a long time ago. Meanwhile, Kiki got sick and Katie is watching over her along with the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Out of Place The Trouble with Crusading (改革運動のトラブル Kaikaku undo no Toraburu) 117b 31

The next dimension to visit is the Looney Tunes Show Universe, and Emily met the stars of Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Meanwhile, The CMC ask the Fireside Girl's help to aid on thier crusading.

Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Jungle with a Doopy Rabbit

Trouble!! Pet Runaway!! (トラブル!!ペットランナウェイ!! Toraburu!! Petto Ran'nau~ei!! 118a 32

The Cutie Mark Crusaders follow Emily and Kiki to the Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Universe. Meanwhile, Ferb, Baljeet and Isabella are helping Kai-Lan to help Fluttershy taking care of her rabbit, Angel.

Fireside Crusaders Challenge!! Katie vs. Apple Bloom (チャレンジ!!ケイティvsアップル・ブルーム Charenji!! Keiti tai Appuru Burumu) 118b 33

Katie and Apple Bloom argues over who's job is even harder. They decide to switch places (and using the Brain-switcher to switch brains). On the other side, Juliette and Goldfish are helping Emily-2 capture a dangerous creature while the other Phineas and Ferb cast are trying to win a ticket to a concert by getting a silver chalice. Meanwhile, Emily and Kiki are relaxing on a massage chair.

Back to the Past Part 1 Time Slip!! To The Past!! (タイムスリップ!!かこの行こうぜ Taimu Surippu!! Kako no Ikoze!!) 119a and b 34

Emily, Kiki and the Cutie Mark Crusaders venture to the Back to the Future Universe and met Dr. Emmett Brown, the man who invented the time machine(s). Crisis is developing in the past, causing a chain reaction to the future. So the CMCs use the Delorean Time Machine to fix the past themselves as Emily and Kiki follows them with the locomotive time machine. Meanwhile, the Fireside Girls are helping Isabella to have a perfect date with Phineas.

Back to the Past Part 2 Time Slip!! To Save the Future!! (タイムスリップ!!みらいのたすけて!! Taimu Surippu!! Mirai no Tasukete!!) 120a and b 35

Emily, Kiki and the CMCs race the criminal through time and space. Will they be able to stop him or will time be disrupted forever? Meanwhile, after Phineas and Isabella broke up when their date was a disaster, their friends tried to make them get along and be 'friends' again.

Season 2 (Slice of Life Arc)Edit

The second season of the series.It aired for 24 episodes.The opening is updated with showing Melissa building a model tower.

Season Episode # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 2 14 half-hours(24) seperated)
Episodes Japanese Title Production Code Broadcast Number Episode Summaries
Robot Haunts Again! What's Wrong, Scootaloo? (どうしたの、スクータルー? Do shita no, Sukutaru?) 201a 36(1)

Normbot Commander's spirit returns to haunt Emily-2 again. It's up to Emily and Kiki to stop the ghost. Meanwhile, Scootaloo is starting to act really really weird since her time-travelling adventures, so the other Crusaders and the Fireside Girls tried to figure out why.

Dial FG for Fireside Girls Superhero Fireside Girls!! (スーパーヒーローファイアサイドガールズ!! Supahiro Faiasaido Garuzu!!) 201b 37(2) The Fireside Girls accidentally recieved super powers after they got hit by Doofenshmirtz's Super Power-inator. Meanwhile, Emily is helps the CMCs practicing volleyball for their volleyball match.
The Trouble with Geniuses To Find a Flower (はなーのさがせ Hana no Sagase) 202a 38(3)

Emily and Kiki head for the Dexter's Laboratory Universe and met Dexter and Dee Dee. Meanwhile, Twilight ask the Fireside Girls to help her on her quest to find a rare flower.

A Pirate and an Adventurer (in training) Watch Out, Phineas!! (危ない、フィニアス!! Abunai, Finiasu!!) 202b 39(4)

The CMCs and Katie ended up in The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Universe and met Flapjack and Capt. K'nuckles. Meanwhile, Evil Phineas came to the 1st Dimension and he's looking for the Phineas.

Night of the Zombie Ponies Zombie Ponies Arise!! (ゾンビ・ポニーズ発生する!! Zombi Ponizu Hassei suru!!) 203a and b 40(5)

Katie, Milly and the Cutie Mark Crusaders head inside a desolated town behind Everfree Forest, a town where Apple Bloom visitd before. There, they encounter the Zombie Ponies. Meanwhile, the other Fireside Girls are trying to prank Applejack by scaring her.

Franken-Katie's Bride Isabella Tries To Be Beautiful!? (イザベラの美しいワ!? Izabera no Utsukushi wa!?) 204a 41(6)

Katie got hit by Doofenshmirtz's Halloween-inator and transformed into Franken-Katie. Meanwhile, Rarity is tring to make Isabella more 'stylish'.

The Horror in the Dimension Candace's Gift... (キャンデースのギフト。。。。 Kyandesu no Gifuto....) 204b 42(7)

Emily and Kiki head inside the Amazing World of Gumball Universe and discover that there are ghosts lurking around this dimension. Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb are helping the CMCs trying to give a gift to Candace because she had helped them with something.

ToleeBloom Tolee and Apple Bloom (トーリーとアアップル・ブルーム Tori to Appuru Burumu) 205a 43(8)

Tolee asked Apple Bloom on a date (again) but he's still nervous. So the Fireside Girls, the other Crusaders, Kai-Lan, Rintoo, HoHo and LuLu decide to help by making their date a 'perfect one'. Meanwhile, Emily tried to ask Ferb to the new Danville Restaurant.

Funny Love (or not) To Impress a Lover (ラヴアーの感動 Ravu~a no Kando) 205b 44(9)

Emily and Kiki went inside the Pucca Universe and tried to help Pucca impress Garu.Meanwhile,The Fireside Girls are trying to earn their Cart Driving Patches and recieved help from the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Apple Bloom's Agenda Problem!! Apple Bloom's Mistakes!! (もんだい!!アップル・ブルームミステイクス!! Mondai!! Appuru Burumu no Misuteikusu) 206a 45(10)

Apple Bloom accidentaly ruined the Firseside Girls' Friend Celebration Party decor and tries to redecorate it before the Fireside Girls find out. Meanwhile,Fatewhile appears once more to ask Katie to impress his girlfriend.

Medieval Dreams Wonderful!! Phineas and Ferb's Cake Shop!! (すてき!!フィニアスとファーブのケーキショップダ!! Suteki!! Finiasu to Fabu no Keki Shoppu!!) 206b 46(11)

Apple Bloom got hit by a rock and when she woke up, she ended up in Medieval Days,both Danville and Ponyville. She ask Princess Isa Bella for help. Meanwhile,back in reality, Phineas and Ferb make a cake shop after tasting one of Pinkie Pie's cupcakes.

Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Danville Singing Competition Showtime! Concert! Danville Singing Competion!! (ショータイム!コンサート!ダンビルの歌うコンクール!! Shotaimu! Konsato! Danbiru no Utau Konkuru!!) 207a,b and c 47(12) The Cutie Mark Crusaders singed up for the Danville Singing Compettition but it looks like they needed help singing a new song unlike 'last time'.Meanwhile,the Fireside Girls,who also singed up for the competition tried to think up of a song they're gonna sing and on the other side,Tolee tried to write and sing a song for Apple Bloom.
Yin Yang Sweetie Belle! Rise of the Wufu Warrior!! (ウーフーウォリアーの上昇!! Ufu U~oria no Josho!!) 208a 48(13)

Sweetie Belle used the Dimensional Remote and ended up in the Yin Yang Yo Universe.Meanwhile,Isabella attempts to build things with Ferb while Phineas was in the hospital when he accidentally injured his legs.

Cutie Mark Crusaders and their Counterparts Arise!! Cutie Mark Crusaders-2 (アライズ!!キューティーマーククルセイダズ・2 Araizu!!KyutiMakuKuruseidazu-Tsu) 208b 49(14)

The CMCs meddled with the Dimensional Remote and accidentally ended up in a twisted version of Ponyville where they are the leaders of the Resistance known as the Cutie Mark Warriors.Meanwhile,Phineas and Isabella are helping Emily-2 reaching transmission with Resistances from other dimensions.

I,Melissa Monkey Team,Go!! (モンキー・チーム、いけ!! Monki Chimu,Ike!!) 209a 50(15) Melissa ended up in the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Universe and met the monkey teams themselves.Meanwhile,Phineas and Isabella attempts to get inside the fancy restaurant but they forgot their tickets.
Replacing the View An Important Object (たいせつのオブジェクト Taisetsu no Obujekuto) 209b 51(16)

Emily and Kiki enters The Replacements Universe and met Todd and Riley.Meanwhile,Ferb attempts to replace Emily's harmonica with a new one.

Clone Scootaloo Returns Trouble!! Monster Invasions!! (トラブル!!ばけもの侵略!! Toraburu!! Bakemono Shinryaku!!) 210a 52(17)

Scootaloo's Clone returns and she ask help from her and the Fireside Girls.Meanwhile,Emily-2 is helping Twilight obtaining a special herb for Zecora which can only be found around Danville.

Apple Bloom's Day Out Good Luck,Tolee!! (がんばれヨ、トーリー!! Ganbareyo,Tori!!) 210b 53(18) Tolee attempts to give Apple Bloom the Bestest Day Out Ever.Meanwhile,Doofenshmirtz accidentally aimed his EnergyAbsorbinator at Twilight,draining her magic.
Cutie Mark Crusaders and the President of Mad Style Trouble at Mad Styles (マッド・スタイルズのトラブル Maddo Sutairuzu no Toraburu) 211a 54(19) The CMCs head inside the True Jackson VP Universe and met True Jackson,CEO of Mad Style (she was also a former VP).Meanwhile,Kiki and Perry are spending their time alone,only to be interrupted by their daily mission.
Trouble with Animaniacs Can You See It? Pinkie's Nature (お気に確認できますか?ピンキーズ自然 Oki ni kakukin dekimasu ka? Pinkizu's Shizen) 211b 55(20)

Emily and Kiki enters the Animaniacs Universe and met the Warner Brothers (and a Warner Sister).Meanwhile,Katie attemts to study Pinkie Pie's comedic nature.

The Art of Dimensions Emily and Kung-Fu (エミリーとカンフー Emiri to Kanfu 212a 56(21)

Emily and Kiki's next dimension to visit is the Skunk Fu! Universe.Meanwhile,the CMCs are helping the Fireside Girls earning their Gardening Patch.

In the Desert Trouble!! Train Robbery!! (トラブル!!電車強盗!! Toraburu!! Densha Goto!!) 212b 57(22)

The cast of EKDC and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are invited to a train ride by Applejack.However,a gang of robbers are trying to rob the train.On the other side of the train,Katie is observing the outdoor desert of Equistria while Perry and Kiki are trynig to spend some time alone only to find out that Larry had followed them.Meanwhile,Emily is having her beauty sleep.

Christmas (Where Do We Begin?) Part 1 Christmas Miracle!! The Villain of Time!! (クリスマスミラクル!!じかんの悪役!! Kurisumasu Mirakuru!! Jikan no Akuyaku!! 213a and b 58(23) It's Christmas in Danville and everyone's is feeling joyful.That was until a mishap happened,a villain tries to ruin Christmas in the past.The Fireside Girls and the Cutie Mark Crusaders ride on the Denliner which was retrieved from the Kamen Rider Dimension to stop him through time and space.Meanwhile,Juliette-2,who has hatred for Christmas,is visited by the Ghost of the Christmas Past (disguised as Katie).
Christmas (Where Do We Begin?) Part 2 Christmas Miracle!! To Save Christmas!! (クリスマスミラクル!!クリスマスのたすけて!! Kurisumasu Mirakuru!! Kurisumasu no Tasukete!! 214a and b 59(24) Still pursuing the criminal,the Fireside Girls and the CMCs travel to the past,the past where Isabella and Phineas had their first love. Meanwhile,Juliette-2 is furtherly visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present (disguised as Kai Lan) and the Ghost of the Christmas Future (disguised as the Cutie Mark Crusaders).

Season 3 (Evil Alliance Arc)Edit

The third and final season of the series.It aired for 38 episodes.After episode 60(S3EP1),the opening is updated with showing the Cutie Mark Warriors using a contraption in alternate Ponyville.The series ended with the 3-part 1-hour special series finale.

Season Episode # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 3 26 half hours(38 seperated)
Episodes Japanese Title Production Code Broadcast Number Episode Summaries
The Resistance's Great Agenda To Find the Truth... (真実のサガセ。。。 Shinjitsu no Sagase...) 301a and b 60(1) The Cutie Mark Warriors arrived in the 1st Dimension and asked help from the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the cast of EKDC on defeating the dictator of alternate Ponyville.Meanwhile,Larry the Hamster tried to figure why she's the only O.W.C.A. agent that could talk but unfortunately,Perry and Kiki decide to tag along.
CMI:Cutie Mark Investigators Find the Culprit!! (はんにんのサガセ!! Han'nin no Sagase!!) 302a 61(2) Emily's necklace went mising,so the Cutie Mark Crusaders decides to become detectives to find it.Meanwhile,the Cutie Mark Warriors ask the Fireside Girls' help on activating their contraption.
Meapless Wonders Meap!! The Cutest Alien!! (ミープ!!カワイイのエイリアン!! Mipu!! Kawaii no Eirien!!) 302b 62(3)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders encounter Meap,Phineas and Ferb's cute alien friend.Meanwhile,Candace and Stacy encounter the Cutie Mark Warriors who are helping Phineas and Ferb with their project.

Run Sweetie Belle Run Help!! Uncontrollable Super Shoes!! (たすけて!!手に負えないスーパーシューズ!! Tasukete!! Tenioenai Supa Shuzu) 303a 63(4) Sweetie Belle found Phineas and Ferb's old invention,the Super Shoes.She wore them but she's notr able to control it's speed.Meanwhile,the CMW challenge the Firestorm Girls to a Resistance Round Off.
Cutie Mark Crusaders Interrupted Missing: Cutie Mark Crusaders!? (ミッシング:キューティーマーククルセイダズ!? Misshingu: KyutiMakuKuruseidazu!?) 303b 64(5)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders had suddenly gone missing,so Emily and the Fireside Girls decide to find them.Meanwhile,Larry attempts to make Perry and Kiki's date a perfect one.

Enter:Miseryville Trouble! Katie's Chicken Pox!? (トラブル!ケイティの水疱瘡!? Toraburu! Keiti no Mizuboso!?) 304a 65(6)

Emily and Kiki visit the Jimmy Two Shoes Universe and ended up meeting Jimmy and Beezy.Meanwhile,The CMCs discover that Katie has Chicken pox (which they refer to as a deseasae similar to Cutie Pox).

Scootaloo Test Scootaloo: Test Subject!? (スクータルー:テスト対象!? Sukutaru: Tesuto taisho!?) 304b 66(7) Scootaloo followed Emily and Kiki to the Johnny Test Universe and ended up being Susan and Mary's test subject (since they never see a pony in real life).Meanwhile, The Fireside Girls become superheroes again.
Without a Scooby Snack Missing!! Scooby-Snacks!! (ミッシング!!スクービー・スナックズ!! Misshingu!! Sukubi-Sunakkuzu) 305a 67(8) Emily and Kiki head inside the Scooby Doo!Mystery Incorperated Universe and encounter the Mystery Inc. who are on a case on solving the mystery of the missing Scooby Snacks.Meanwhile,the CMCs became detectives once more to solve mysteries with Sandra and Katie.
Cat and Mouse Good Luck,Fireside Girls!! (がんばれー、ファイヤーサイドガールズ!! Ganbare,Faiyasaido Garuzu!!) 305b 68(9) Emily and Kiki visit the Tom and Jerry Tales Universe and met Tom and Jerry themselves.Meanwhile,the CMCs are adventuring in a dark forest and the Fireside Girls tried to keep the safe,only to injure themselves in the proses.
Xiaolin Scoot-down Katie: Martial Arts Student!? (ケイティ:マーシャルアーツの学生!? Keiti:Masharuatsu no Gakusei!?) 306a and b 69(10) Emily and Kiki,with the CMCs following them head inside the Xiaolin Showdown Universe and met the Xiaolin Warriors (who mistook the Dimensional Remote as a Shen Gong Wu).Meanwhile,Katie tries to learn martial arts.
That's So Emily Emily Sees The Future!? (エミリーのみらいわ見る!? Emiri no Mirai wa Miru!?) 307a 70(11)

Emily gains the power to see the future after meddling with the TimeMachine-ator.Meanwhile,Katie and Apple Bloom participate in a badminton competition.Unfortunately,Apple Bloom is not very good with this game.

Katie in the House Katie: President's Secretary!? (ケイティ:社長秘書!? Keiti: Shacho Hisho!?) 307b 71(12)

Katie ended up working in the White House because she saved the President of the United States.Meanwhile,Tolee and Apple Bloom are hanging out in the new Danville Arcade Store.

The Unexpected Danville's Big Chaos (ダンビルのさいきょの無秩序 Danbiru no Saikyou no Muchitsujo) 308a 72(13) A craziness happened in Danville,everyone's starting to panic.Emily and Kiki are trying to figure out why.Meanwhile,the Fireside Girls are trying to gain their Carpenter Patch and they got help from Apple Bloom.
Melissa's Agenda Look Out,Melissa!! (あぶない、メリサ!! Abunai,Merisa!!) 308b 73(14) Melissa went into the Danville Forest to get some fresh flowers and herbs but she ended up getting stuck in a cave.The Fireside Girls felt worried and decide to rescue her.Meanwhile,the CMCs are babysitting Poof the Fairy Baby.
Scary Night Halloween Trouble!! (ハロウィーントラブル!!Haro~in Toraburu) 309a and b 74(15) It's Halloween(to which the Cutie Mark Crusaders refer to as an other dimension version of Nightmare Night) in Danville and everyone is wearing costumes for trick or treatin'.Meanwhile,Melissa attempts to be scary so that she could scare the Fireside Girls.
My Fair Scootaloo Scootaloo and Zai-Ran (スクータルーとザイ・ラン Sukutaru to Zai-Ran) 310a 75(16) Zai-Ran visits the 1st Dimension again and apparently shows interest in Scootaloo.Meanwhile,the Fireside Girls are making a party for Kai-Lan's cousin,apparently it's his birthday.
Ze Powerful Source Energy Depletion Trouble!! (エナジー枯渇トラブル!! Enaji Kokatsu Toraburu) 310b 76(17) A strange power source from causes a power depletion in Danville.The power source came from France,Juliette's hometown.The cast head over there to reverse the energy's power.Meanwhile,during their time in France,Tolee and Apple Bloom hang out in the Le Croissant.
Around the Sphere in 8 Hours Trapped!! Mini-Sphere Game!! (閉じ込め!!ミニスフィアゲーム!! Tojikome!! Mini-Sufia Gemu!!) 311a 77(18) The Fireside Girls and the CMCs are accidentally trapped in Phineas and Ferb's mini-sphere game and they need to get out of there in less than 8 hours.Meanwhile,Emily and Kiki are helping Emily-2 capture a group of bandits who are loose in the 1st Dimension
Scootaloo's Problem Cheer Up,Scootaloo!! (元気づける、スクータルー!! Genkidzukeru,Sukutaru!!) 311b 78(19) Doofenshmirtz's KineticAbsorber-nator accidentally stole Scootaloo's speed,causing her to think that she has no speed anymore.Meanwhile,Buford and Baljeet are accidentaly transported to Rome when they touch Phineas' Transporter-er and they are stuck there because the machine broke.
Bowling Trouble Competition!! Bowling Problem!! (コンペティション!!ボーリングプロブレム!! 'Konpetishon!! Boringu Puroberumu!!) 312a 79(20)

Apple Bloom and Tolee participate in the Danville Bowling Competition.Meanwhile,Emily and Isabella are having their Girls' Day Out.

Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Missing Skateboard Cruise Trouble (クルーズトラブル Kuruzu Toraburu) 312b 80(21) The CMCs become detectives the 3rd time to find Rintoo's missing skateboard.Meanwhile,Emily and Kiki are riding on a cruise and trying to relax in the pool section.Unfortunately,the other cast are also onboard.
Space On The Run Trouble!! Angel in Space!? (トラブル!!エンジェルワ宇宙に!? Toraburu!! Angeru wa Uchu ni!?) 313a 81(22)

Emily and Kiki use Phineas and Ferbs' spaceship to chase Fluttershy's pet Rabbit,Angel who ued another rocket to escape into space.Meanwhile,Emily-2 accidentally cause a power surge causing all the computer to self-aware.

The Problem with Dinosaurs Suspicious!! Dino Appears!! (怪しい!!ダイノさんじょう!! Ayashi!! Daino Sanjou) 313b 82(23)

Emily and Kiki hear a distant roar from the Fireside Girl Lodge and tries to figure out what makes the sound.Meanwhile,Katie is lurking around every butcher in Danville.

Trouble with Envy Trouble with Babysitting (託児のトラブル Takuji no Toraburu) 314a 83(24) The CMCs babysit Katie's pet dinosaur Dino who appeared in the previous episode.However,they're having trouble dealing with him.Meanwhile,the Fireside Girls are at Mount Rushmore.
House Chaos Housesitting Trouble (家の座りトラブル Ie no suwari Toraburu) 314b 84(25) While Emily and Kiki are going camping,the cast are taking care of her house.However,it didn't go so well.Meanwhile,the Fireside Girls are trying to keep Dino in control.
Masky Situation What? China Trouble!! (何?チャイナトラブル!! Nani? Chaina Toraburu!!) 315a and b 85(26) The Cutie Mark Crusaders follow Emily and Kiki to The Mask Universe and met Stanley Ipkiss (who's also The Mask).Meanwhile,the other cast are on a plane to visit China.
Scratched Cat Money Isn't Everything.... (お金がすべてではない。。。。 Okane ga subetede wanai) 316a 86(27)

Emily and Kiki head inside the Catscratch Universe and met the 3 Rich Cats.Meanwhile,the other cast are trying to give Dino a bath.

Enter the Airbender Apple Bloom's Energybinder (アップル・ブルームのエナジーバインダー Appuru Burumu no Enajibainda) 316b 87(28) Tolee and Apple Bloom used the Dimensional Remote and visit the Avatar:The Last Airbender Universe.Meanwhile,Emily and Ferb are trapped in the swamp,so the others head over there to rescue them.

The Mighty E!

Kai-Lan: Fireside Girl Scout!? (カイ・ラン:ファイヤサイドガルズスカウト Kai-Ran: Faiyasaido Garuzu Sukauto!?) 317a 88(29) Emily and Sweetie Belle head inside The Mighty B! Universe and met Bessie.Meanwhile,Kai-Lan attepts to join the Fireside Girls.
The X-Factorisation Hawaiian Trouble!! (ハワイアントラブル!! Hawaian Toraburu!!) 317b 89(30)

Emily and Kiki went to The X's Universe and met the X's themselves.Meanwhile,the other cast are having their vacation in Hawaii.

Trouble in Mexico Get Used To It!! Mexican Culture! (それに慣れる!!メキシコの文化! Sore no Nareru!! Mekishiko no Bunka!) 318a 90(31)

During the casts' trip to Mexico,the Dimensional Remote opens a portal to the El Tigre:The Adventures of Manny Rivera Universe.Meanwhile,the Cutie Mark Warriors are trying to get use to the Mexican culture.

A Meerkat and a Warthog Run!! Hyenas and Lions!! (実行!!ハイエナとライオン!! Jikko!!Haiena to Raion!!) 318b 91(32) The cast visit Africa but the visit gets interesting when the Dimensional Remote opens a portal to the Lion King Universe.Meanwhile,the Fireside Girls and the CMCs are being chased by a lion.
Arabian Nights The Pyramids of Egypt! (エジプトのピラミッド Ejiputo no piramiddo) 319a and b 92(33) The cast visit Egypt and things goes awry when the Dimensional Remote opens a portal to the Aladdin Universe.Meanwhile,the Fireside Girls are taking care of Adyson who had a sudden heatstroke.
Need for Speed Racer Scootaloo's Race (スクータルーのレース Sukutaru no Resu) 320a 93(34) Emily and Scootaloo head inside the Speed Racer The Next Generation Universe and met the crew.When Speed accidentaly hurt himself,Scootaloo is forced to replace him in the race.Meanwhile,the other Crusaders and the Fireside Girls visit the Motor-Speedway Stadium.
Sushi Problem Wonderful!! The 50th New Dimension!! (素晴らしい!!50ごあたらしの次元!! Subarashi!! Goju Go Atarashi no Jigen!!) 320b 94(35)

Emily and Kiki visit the 50th new dimension,the Sushi Pack Universe.Meanwhile,Katie is having trouble with Dino and she ask help from the others.

Saving the Universe Episode I:Enter Discord Chaos!! Broken Friendship!! Part 1 (カオス!!壊れた友情!!パート1 Kaosu!! Kowareta yujo!! Pato 1) 321/322 95(36) After visiting 50 new dimensions,the cast decides to revisit those dimensions,starting with the My Little Pony Dimension.During the visit,Melissa is upset that she's the only Lil' Spark that didn't become a Fireside Girl yet and get into an arguement with Apple Bloom.Just when things seems peaceful,a new villain has arrived.A spirit name Discord,an old foe of the ponies appeared.He told them about his master's plan which is to spread chaos all over the universes.
Chaos!! Broken Friendship!! Part 2 (カオス!!壊れた友情!!パート2 Kaosu!! Kowareta yujo!! Pato 2)
Saving the Universe Episode II:Return of an Old Foe Revealed!! Evil Alliance's Plan!! Part 1 (明らか!!エビルアライアンスのさくせん!!パート1 Akiraka!! Ebiru Araiansu no Sakusen!! Pato 1) 323/324 96(37) After Discord successfully corrupt the others,Melissa and the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to stop him.They head inside the 2nd Dimension and,along with Emily-2,encounter Discord and his master,who is Emily's old foe,Normbot Commander.
Revealed!! Evil Alliance's Plan!! Part 2 (明らか!!エビルアライアンスのさくせん!!パート2 Akiraka!! Ebiru Araiansu no Sakusen!! Pato 2)
Saving the Universe Episode III:The Final Stand Fated Battle!! Saving Our Worlds!! Part 1 (うんめいのバトル!!ボクタチのセイカイのたすけて!!パート1 Unmei no Batoru!! Bokutachi no Seikai no Tasukete!! Pato 1) 325/326 97(38)

After freeing the others from Discord's corruption,the gagng use every single Big Ideas from the original Phineas and Ferb series and go to war against Normbot Commander.The final battle begins as our heroes will thwart the Evil Alliance's plan and save the universes from eternal chaos.

Fated Battle!! Saving Our Worlds!! Part 2 (うんめいのバトル!!ボクタチのセイカイのたすけて!!パート2 Unmei no Batoru!! Bokutachi no Seikai no Tasukete!! Pato 2)

TV SpecialsEdit

In addition to these episodes,there are four TV Specials that aired on Disney Channel.The first three are a continuous arc known as The Darkness Trilogy while the fourth is an epilogue.The first two are seperated to three portions:Main Plot,Side Story and Climax (in similar fasion to the Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Movie Wars Films).The Main Plot focuses on the plot of this special,the Side Story tells the events that happened during the main plot and the Climax is the climax of the specials that intersects both plots.For the third one,it is seperated to five portions:Begining,Main Plot,Mid-Plot,Side Story and Climax.The Beginning features a story before the Main Plot and Mid-Plot is an event that is in-between the Main Plot and the Side Story.The first three specials usually has a nightmare and darkness motif as opposed to the usual bright tone of the series and it's episodes,making them resembling more of a tokusatsu series and movies.They also have references to the MLPFIM fanfic,Past Sins.For the fourth special's case,it sereves as an epilogue to the series/the opening to the sequel series and it's not seperated to 3/5 portions.

Episodes Japanese Title Production Code Broadcast Number Episode Summaries
Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Special: Return of Nightmare Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis The Special: Rising Darkness!! Nyx Appears!! (エミリー・キニーの次元の危機ザスペッシャル:立上り闇!!ニクスさんじょ!! Emiri Kini no Jigen no Kiki Za Supessharu: Tachiagari Yami!! Nikusu Sanjo!!) TVS1 TV Special 1

The cast venture to the darkness beyond the MLP Universe.The CMCs tag along.The cast eventually encounter Nyx,The CMC's honoary 4th member.This fated meeting is interrupted when a villain named Nightmare attempts to spread nightmares across the universe.Meanwhile,The O.W.C.A. Trio (Perry,Kiki and Larry) attepts to rescue Emily and Emily-2.

Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Special 2: In the Darkness Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis The Special 2: The Clues From the Past (エミリー・キニーの次元の危機ザスペッシュル2:かこの手がかり Emiri Kini no Jigen no Kiki Za Supesshuru Tsu: Kako no Tegakari) TVS2 TV Special 2

The CMCs and the Fireside Girls visit the place where Twilight Sparkle was almost executed because she was saved by Nyx.There they found a charm which Nyx found it familiar.Meanwhile,Emily quickly recall on her past adventures a year ago,the time where she found out Kiki's secret.

Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Special 3: The Darkness Reigns Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis The Final Special: The 5 Dynamic Stories (エミリー・キニーの次元の危機ザFINALスペッシャル:5ワダイナミック物語 Emiri Kini no Jigen no Kiki Za Finaru Supessharu: Gowa Dainamic Monotagari) TVS3 TV Special 3

The cast are seperated in various dimensions filled with darkness and fears.Now they must face those fears and darkness to make it out alive.Meanwhile,Melissa,being the only one who is not sucked into a darkness dimension,attempts to rescue them by opening the portal coordinated.

Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Epilogue: Edge of Time Emily Kinney's Dimensional Crisis Epilogue: MY MEMORY TVS4
TV Special Epilogue
3 weeks after saving the universes from the Evil Alliance, Apple Bloom had an arguement with the Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle and ended up making a deal with a tyrant elf who deceived her and used his to change history where Emily doesn't discover Kiki's secret, thus letting the Normbot Commander to change the universe to his own image. This change in timeline also causes several memories of her friends to disappear. Will Apple Bloom be able to fix everything or will time will stay altered and that she would disappear from this time?
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